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Used Car Donations

1-800-Charity Cars is a non-profit organization that accepts used car donations. They are the first charity of its kind in the nation. 1-800-Charity Cars upholds their mission to give free vehicles and vehicle maintenance services to disadvantaged families across the United States.

Why Donate

With your used car donations, 1-800-Charity Cars can continue to help families who are disadvantaged. Your donation of a vehicle to the Charity Cars program can help these families in their transition from a dependent lifestyle to a more self sufficient living. Charity Cars will use your used car donations to continue their free vehicle program. Your used car donations may be presented to a struggling family who deserves a reliable form of transportation so that they might better take care of each other or it may be sold to fund the program. Having their own vehicle will make it easier for them to get back and forth to work and other places that they need to go.

Who We Help

1-800-Charity Cars helps a variety of struggling families through their free vehicle program. Most of these families have suffered a hardship or major setback that has left them at a disadvantage. Without a reliable form of transportation, these families struggle to provide for their loved ones. Your used car donations can help these families get back on their feet. Families that are helped by the Charity Cars free vehicle program are referred to Charity Cars by churches, social workers, community and other non-profit organizations. We assist families who are victims of domestic violence, victims of loss due to natural disaster, the working poor, the medically needy, families making a transition from public assistance to work, families living in transitional housing or military families.

What Vehicles We Accept

The free vehicle program accepts used cars, trucks and vans. Charity Cars can accept boats, airplanes and junk vehicles to the program as well. All used car donations are used to support the Charity Cars free vehicle program in some way. If it cannot be used as a vehicle given to a disadvantaged family in need of transportation, we will auction it in a vehicle auction or sell it for salvage. Monies collected from the vehicle auction are used to fund the Charity Cars mission.
Your used vehicle donations are tax deductible and, in many cases, can be filed for on your next tax return. Depending on how Charity Cars uses your vehicle donation to support their free car program, higher deductions can be made. Once we have picked up used vehicle donations the donor will receive a letter as to how their donation was used. All used car donations are eligible for a tax deduction no matter how they are used to support the Charity Cars program.