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Donating Your Car To Charity

By donating your car to charity, you are helping a family achieve independence. 1-800-Charity Cars is a nonprofit organization accepting vehicle donations for disadvantaged families. Since 1996, Charity Cars has been providing free vehicles to families who need them.

The Experience

Families who receive a vehicle from Charity Cars say the gift has a profound effect on their lives. Donating your car to charity can give someone who is struggling a brand new start. The Charity Cars experience is fulfilling for both the donor and the recipient of the vehicle. Many recipients say getting the phone call from Charity Cars and being informed that they would be receiving a free vehicle was the “answer to their prayers.” Donating your car to Charity Cars can have a profound impact on a disadvantaged family. When gifted with a free vehicle from Charity Cars, families seem to have a rebirth of hope. Some have said that it “feels like a second chance at life.”

As the donor of a used vehicle to the 1-800-Charity Cars program, you can experience a very similar feeling. The Charity Cars program supports numerous activities intended to uplift humanity. Donating your car to charity can give you a feeling of overwhelming joy. Knowing that you have helped a struggling family get back on their feet can have a positive effect on your life and theirs. You can donate by filling out an online form.

Who is Helped

Charity Cars helps families all across the United States. Over the course of the free vehicle program, Charity Cars has received numerous letters expressing a tremendous need for the program. Without you donating your car to charity and supporting the program, it would not be possible for Charity Cars to continue its mission to help disadvantaged families. Charity Cars has implemented a National Car Donations System to allow them to accept vehicle donations from all over the country. Families that receive a donated vehicle from the program are many times referred to Charity Cars by churches, social workers and other non-profit organizations.

The Charity Cars program does what it can to help victims of domestic violence, victims of natural disaster, the working poor, the medically needy and families living in transitional shelters. By donating your car to charity, you are helping these and many other disadvantaged families get back on the road. They are able to travel to work and support their families. They no longer need to rely on others to help them complete daily tasks like going to the bank, post office or grocery store. Donating your car to charity can have a huge effect on the lives of disadvantaged families in your community and across the United States.