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Donating Car

1-800-Charity Cars would like to thank their supporters for donating. Car donations have helped the Charity Cars mission succeed since 1996. Across the United States, disadvantaged families are finding independence and living a better standard of life because of people like you who have donated their used and unwanted vehicles.

About 1-800-Charity Cars

1-800-Charity Cars is a non-profit organization that has been helping disadvantaged and struggling families get safe, reliable transportation. Charity Cars is the first ever and the largest charity organization of its kind. People have been donating car, truck and other vehicles to the program since 1996. Donations are always accepted as the need for vehicles has increased throughout the years. Charity Cars does their best to keep up with the needs of those disadvantaged families who apply for “program cars.” Gifting a free vehicle to these families would not be possible without the contributions of those donating. Car donations to the Charity Cars program are used in a variety of ways to help families across the country.


Charity Cars will help you through the entire process of donating. Car, truck, van and sport utility vehicles that have been gently used can be gifted to disadvantaged or struggling families as “program cars.” Charity Cars accepts a number of other donations including boats, airplanes, junk cars and real estate. Vehicles that can not be used as “program cars” are auctioned off or sold for salvage to raise funding for the Charity Cars program. Charity Cars also at times gives free vehicle maintenance to those families who received a free vehicle from the Charity Cars program.

Depending on how your vehicle is used to support the Charity Cars program, you are eligible for a tax deductible receipt of up to the fair market value of the vehicle. You will receive a receipt for your vehicle after donating. Car donations can be tax deductible when you present the receipt to your tax preparer.

Families Helped

1-800-Charity Cars has helped hundreds of families since the beginning of their free vehicle program in 1996. Disadvantaged and struggling families are referred to the program by church groups, social workers and other non-profit organizations. By donating car, truck or van donations to the Charity Cars program, you are helping give these families the tools they need to become self reliant. With a vehicle of their own they no longer need to be dependent on others to get them to the places they need to go. Your donations of a car, truck, van or sport utility vehicle to the program give these families the safe, reliable transportation they need to get back on the road. You'll help families across the United States by donating. Car donations to Charity Cars are used in a variety of ways to give disadvantaged families a better quality of living.