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Donate Your Boat

1-800-Charity Cars accepts many different types of donations to support their vehicle charity program. You can donate your boat, used car, truck, van or real estate to the Charity Cars organization. Charity Cars assists families who are struggling to live an independent lifestyle. Many of these disadvantaged families do not have a reliable form of transportation to get them to the places that they need to go. Upholding their mission to “engage in activities that uplift humanity,” Charity Cars gives these families the tools they need to become self sufficient.

About Us

1-800-Charity Cars is a non-profit organization that provides free vehicles and vehicle support services to disadvantaged families. We are the first charity of our kind in the nation. We help families across the United States achieve self sufficient living. By giving free vehicles to those without reliable transportation, we are giving those families the opportunity to get back to work and perform daily errands without depending on other people.

We select families to receive a free vehicle based on the immediacy of their need and how the charitable gift of a car could positively change their lives. Recipients are referred to us by churches, non-profit organizations, community organizations and social workers. Families who are struggling may also submit an application on our website to receive a free vehicle.

Boat Donations

When you donate your boat, Charity Cars is able to use your donation’s revenue to support their mission. Boat donations are auctioned along with other donations that cannot be given as vehicles to disadvantaged families. Charity Cars auctions off junk cars, boats and real estate to raise money for their charitable programs. Charity Cars is a non-profit organization that does not accept payment for their services to disadvantaged families. All monetary donations or vehicle donations are for the benefit of their free vehicle program and the disadvantaged families whose lives are changed by the gift of a free vehicle. You can rest assured that when you donate your boat it is going to a good and noble cause.

Making a Donation

To donate your boat to Charity Cars, contact us at 1-800-CHARITY or fill out a donation form online. After we receive your information we will contact you about picking up your boat donation. We will arrange the pick-up and towing of your boat donation at no cost to you.

When you donate your boat to the1-800- Charity Cars free vehicle program you will receive a letter from the Charity Cars organization about how your boat donation was used. Present the letter you receive to your tax preparer to file for a tax deduction. Donate your boat to the Charity Cars program today.