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Donate Truck

Many people are hesitant to donate vehicles to the 1-800-Charity Cars program because they are unsure what types of vehicles Charity Cars will allow them to donate. Truck, car, van, sport utility vehicle, boat and airplane donations are all accepted by the Charity Cars program. If you have an unwanted or used vehicle, do not hesitate to donate it to the Charity Cars organization. Even if it doesn't run, Charity Cars will use your donation to support their free vehicle program.

The Program

1-800-Charity Cars is the first charity of its kind. All over the United States disadvantaged families are struggling to complete their daily tasks and errands because they do not have a vehicle of their own. Charity Cars uses the cars that you donate. Truck and other vehicle donations are used as part of the free vehicle and vehicle support program that is sponsored by Charity Cars. Families seeking support from Charity Cars can apply for a free vehicle. Those who qualify for the program may be gifted a free vehicle and free vehicle support. With their own vehicle, disadvantaged families and individuals who are struggling can get back on the road to independence. They will no longer have to rely on others to take them to work, the grocery store, the doctor's office or other place they need to go. Disadvantaged families can begin providing for each other and get the things that they need with a safe, reliable vehicle.

Helping these families and the Charity Cars program is the main reason you should donate. Truck and other vehicle donations are used to support the program in a variety of ways. If you have donated a vehicle that cannot be used as a free vehicle gift to a family who is struggling, it will be auctioned off by the Charity Cars program or sold as salvage. 1-800-Charity Cars is a non-profit organization and all monies collected at vehicle auctions is used for the purpose of furthering the outreach Charity Cars gives to families all over the country. Junk vehicles, boats, airplanes and real estate are donations that are auctioned off or sold for salvage to raise money for the free vehicle program.

The Families

You are helping a number of families across the country when you choose to donate Truck and other vehicle donations that can be used as a free vehicle gift are given to a disadvantaged family that has suffered domestic violence, suffered loss from a natural disaster, begun the transition from public assistance to work, been living in a transitional shelter or is medically needy. The Charity Cars program helps these and many other struggling families. Each family aided by the Charity Cars program comes from a unique walk of life that has left them disadvantaged. The Charity Cars mission is to help these families and distribute the vehicles that you donate Truck and other vehicle donations are always accepted at a location near you.