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Before I Donate My Car

Q: How do I start the process if I choose to donate my car to Charity Cars?

A: Simply pick up the phone and let one of our friendly donor service representatives know what make and model you’d like to donate, as well as your assessment of the car’s fair market value. You can also donate online.

Q: I want to donate my car, but I don’t know its fair market value. What should I do?

A: The fair market value of any asset is what a willing purchaser would remit to a willing seller in a private party sale. A good resource for the fair market value for cars is the Kelly Blue Book site at

Q: Does it cost me money to donate my car?

A: No, it doesn't cost you a dime to donate your car to Charity Cars. In fact, it might save you money over deciding to sell it or to just do nothing. If you sell your car, you’re looking at advertising costs and, perhaps, the cost of whatever few cosmetic repairs or detailing you think might help you get the best price. You also need to look at the time you will be spending waiting on appointments from buyers made at their convenience. If you decide to do nothing with an unused car, you have registration costs to bear as well as whatever it costs you in money or inconvenience to store it.

Q: If I donate my car, where do the proceeds go?

A: When you decide to donate your car to Charity Cars, you have the confidence that one hundred percent of your donation will be going to help the needy in your community. We don’t use middle men, and unlike some other outfits out there, we never sell donated cars to other non-profit organizations to make a profit. We’ve been helping the working poor, the medically needy, military families, victims of domestic violence, victims of natural disasters, non-profit organizations, families making the transition from public assistance to self-sufficiency and work, and people living in transitional living shelters since 1996 and are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

Q: What are the tax benefits if I donate my car?

A: You are entitled to deduct the fair market value of any asset you give to charity from your taxable income. One thing that means is that Charity Cars will accept any asset you would like to donate, such as real estate or vehicles beside cars, such as boats and airplanes. If your car is used as one of our program cars – that is, it is given to one of our applicants for their personal use – your deduction will be the fair market value you gave us. If not, your car will be sold at auction and the amount of the sale will be your allowable deduction, whether it is higher or lower than your declared fair market value.

Q: Do I need to be near a Charity Cars location to donate my car?

A: No. Through our affiliated network of towing companies, we can pick up your donated car anywhere in the United States.