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Donate My Boat

For those wanting to help aid the Charity Cars program, but do not have a car that they can donate, they may be asking, “Can I donate my boat to help the Charity Cars mission?” The answer is yes. Boat donations are graciously accepted by the Charity Cars program. With the donation of your used, unwanted boat, we'll be able to continue our mission to provide disadvantaged families with the transportation they need to live a life free of dependency to living a life of self-sufficiency. Along with our free vehicle program, Charity Cars also participates in a variety of activities that uplift and spread humanity across the United States. Below are some commonly asked questions about the programs operated by the Charity Cars organization.

1. When I donate my boat, how does it help Charity Cars and their program?

The donation of your boat helps Charity Cars continue their mission of providing free vehicles to disadvantaged families. Boats that have been donated to the Charity Cars program are sold. Charity Cars is a non-profit organization and 100 percent of all monies collected go to the charity. All proceeds of the auction help to fund Charity Cars and their efforts to give disadvantaged families free transportation.

2. How does Charity Cars use the funds collected once I donate my boat and it has been sold?

Charity Cars uses all proceeds of boat sales to fund their program across the United States. Charity Cars provides free vehicles and vehicle repair to disadvantaged families. Funding collected from boat sales helps pay for continued service on the vehicles that have been granted to those families. Monies collected from boat sales also help fund the other activities Charity Cars sponsors.

3. Can I donate my boat to the Charity Cars program even if it does not run?

Charity Cars accepts most vehicle donations, including boats, even if they're engines no longer run. Vehicles must not be stripped of their doors, roofs or other body parts.

4. What families or individuals are given help when I donate my boat to charity?

Donated boats help families across the United States find the freedom and independence to get back on the road. Proceeds raised by boat sales go to support the Charity Cars program. Charity Cars gives disadvantaged families vehicles free of charge so that they can regain their ability to get back and forth to work and complete other daily tasks. Your boat donation will be sold and any funds raised will assist victims of domestic violence, victims of natural disaster, families living in transitional housing, families transitioning from public assistance to work, military families and other non-profit organizations.

If you have asked yourself, “Can I donate my boat to charity?” contact any of the donation representatives at Charity Cars for more information on what you can do to aid our free vehicle program.