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Donate Junk Car

1-800-Charity Cars can accept a variety of vehicles for its program. If you want to donate, junk car donations are now accepted. Although your donated vehicle may not run anymore, it will still be put to good use helping a struggling family find the independence they need.

Who You Help

There are a number of ways you can help when you donate. Junk car donations that may be of no use to you can help Charity Cars continue its mission to aid families across the United States. Charity Cars give vehicles to disadvantaged families that cannot afford transportation. When you donate junk car, truck and other vehicle donations to the program, Charity Cars uses your gifts to help families who are:

• Victims of natural disaster
• Victims of domestic violence
• The working poor
• The medically needy
• Those families transferring from public assistance to work
• Those families living in transitional housing
• Military families
• Non-profit organizations

How You Can Help

You can help change the life of a disadvantaged family when you donate. Junk car donations can be used to help families get back on the road to financial independence. For many, a vehicle is a sign of freedom and independence. Without the ability to get from place to place on your own, families who are without transportation have trouble fulfilling daily tasks. For them, a simple trip to the grocery store means relying on someone else. Charity Cars is able to help these families by giving them a vehicle. When you donate, junk car and other car donations, Charity Cars is able to continue helping these struggling families. All it takes is your donation to help Charity Cars fulfill its mission.

Even if your junk car has been sitting for years and no longer runs and as long as it has not been stripped of its doors or roof, you can use it to donate. Junk car donations are towed for free. We will work with you to set up a pick up time and send a towing service to pick up the vehicle. Charity Cars will accept and pick up vehicles from most all over the United States.

Donating your car, truck, van or boat can help these families obtain the things they need without having to rely on someone else. Struggling families will be able to once again be able to get back and forth to work, drop their kids off at school, go to the grocery store and other daily tasks. You can even donate junk car and other vehicles to the program.