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Donate Cars For Charity

Charity Cars is a non-profit organization through which people who donate cars for charity are able to assist people in need. The recipients of these cars are screened for the immediacy of their need and how the charitable gift of a car could positively impact their lives. When you donate cars for charity through us, you have the confidence that your gracious gift is going where it is needed most. Through your generosity, we are able to assist victims of domestic violence, people with serious medical needs, victims of natural disasters, families and individuals making the often-tough transition from public assistance to independence through employment, families living in transitional living shelters, the working poor, other non-profit organizations and military families. We’ve been helping people like these since 1996, people for whom the addition of a safe and reliable car can make getting to a job, vocational training or medical appointments possible. And it is all made possible when folks like you donate cars for charity.

We make your decision to donate cars for charity simple and hassle free. Upon receiving your initial call, one of our affiliated towing companies will schedule an appointment most convenient for you and will arrive at the pre-determined location where your donation vehicle will be, whether the vehicle is running or not. You sign over the title to “Charity Cars” and the tow company will transport your car to a repair facility or other representative of Charity Cars, where the car’s safety and condition is inspected. Within thirty days of the car’s pickup, we will issue you a statement as a 501 (c)3 non-profit charitable organization as to how much you can deduct as a charitable donation for tax purposes. This amount will either be the amount that you told us initially was the fair market value of the vehicle as is, or, if it is later determined through our safety inspection process that the car’s condition has not been accurately conveyed to us, the vehicle will be sold at auction. In cases where donated cars are sold at auction, a receipt of the sale will be mailed to you, and that sales amount is what you are entitled to deduct. For information about your specific tax situation in regards to any charitable giving, it is always advisable to speak to your tax preparer or other accounting professional.

Our organization has been featured on segments of ABC’s Good Morning America, the CBS News, and the Montel Williams show and has been written about in People magazine. We are proud to have received the Walt Disney Outstanding Community Service Award. Again, the good work we do helping people help themselves would not be possible without the generous car donation gifts of people like yourself that donate cars for charity.