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Donate Car

Do you have a used vehicle you've been wanting to donate? Car donations made to Charity Cars can help provide a disadvantaged family with the transportation they need to complete their daily tasks. If you don't have a car to donate, you can donate real estate, boats, trucks and vans to Charity Cars.

Why Your Donation Helps

Charity Cars collects used vehicles that people choose to donate. Car donations benefit many people across the United States. Charity Cars has a variety of families who have received a vehicle, such as domestic violence victims, natural disaster victims, the medically needy, families transitioning from public assistance to work or living in transitional living shelters, the working poor, military families and other non-profit organizations. Due to many different circumstances, these familes can not afford their own transportation. Without a vehicle of their own, they are unable to get to work, go to the store for groceries or complete other daily errands. Your donation of a used vehicle can help give these disadvantaged families the jump start they need to get back to a normal, more fulfilling lifestyle.

Why You Should Donate

If you have a used vehicle you no longer want or need, why not donate it to Charity Cars? Charity Cars accepts any type of vehicle you wish to donate. Car donations do not even need to run. As long as it hasn't been stripped of its doors and roof, Charity Cars can accept your vehicle donation. There are many reasons why you should donate. Car programs sponsored by Charity Cars help families all across the nation. Those of us who can afford our own transportation have the freedom and ability to carry out our daily tasks without relying on others. Owning your own vehicle is a symbol of independence. Throughout the United States many families do not know what it means to have those simple freedoms. When you donate, car and other vehicle donations are given to eligible families as a free gift from Charity Cars.

The car donation program by Charity Cars helps a variety of clients. Many of the families needing a vehicle are referred to Charity Cars by other non-profit groups, churches, social services and from the Charity Cars website. Those seeking assistance from Charity Cars can apply through the website. As someone who has offered to donate car recipients are selected by you. Any one who donates a car to the Charity Cars program will be given the opportunity to read the stories of those families in need and vote on which one they think most deserves a vehicle. When a family has been selected, Charity Cars will give them a call and let them know that they are the recipient of a the car you decided to donate car. Car donations are presented to the family free of charge.