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Donate Automobiles

Those who donate automobiles to the 1-800-Charity Cars organization help change the lives of disadvantaged families across the United States. 1-800-Charity Cars is a non-profit organization that gives free vehicles and free vehicle support to families who are struggling. When you donate automobiles to the organization, you are helping them to uphold their mission to help families get back on the road to independence and self sufficiency.

Accepted Donations

Charity Cars accepts many different donations. You can donate automobiles of almost any type to the Charity Cars organization. Charity Cars also accepts real estate as donations. Each donation is used to support or fund the Charity Cars mission.

Donate automobiles like cars, trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles to the Charity Cars organization. If you have a broken down or junk vehicle, Charity Cars will also accept it as a donation to the program. Many people choose to donate boats and airplanes to the program. Although these vehicles cannot be used as “program vehicles,” they will be used to support the Charity Cars free vehicle program. When you donate automobiles like junk cars, boats and airplanes, Charity Cars sells them at auctions or for salvage. Your donation is auctioned off and all monies collected are used to fund the Charity Cars free vehicle program. Proceeds help to pay for the free vehicle support that disadvantaged families are gifted along with their free vehicle. Charity Cars auctions real estate donations for this same purpose.

Charity Cars is a non-profit organization and does not benefit from automobile auctions except to further fund their mission to “engage in activities that uplift humanity.” When you donate automobiles to the Charity Cars program, your donation goes to help a disadvantaged family get the reliable transportation they need to get back and forth to work, school and complete other daily errands.

Who We Help

You can donate automobiles to help a variety of families all over the United States. These families have suffered many life changing events. The Charity Cars organization helps families who are struggling and disadvantaged. We provide free vehicles and vehicle maintenance to these families:

  • Victims of natural disaster and have suffered loss
  • Victims of domestic violence
  • The working poor
  • The medically needy
  • Families living in transitional shelters
  • Families making the shift between public assistance and work
  • Military families

These families are referred to the Charity Cars organization by churches, social workers and other community non-profit groups. Families may also submit an application to be chosen as recipient for a free vehicle. Recipients are chosen based on the immediacy of their need. When you donate automobiles to the Charity Cars free vehicle program, you are giving these families a chance at a better quality of living.