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Donate Auto

Charity Cars wants you to donate auto to their program. Across the United States there are families in need of a safe, reliable form of transportation. Due to unexpected circumstances, some families are unable to afford a car of their own. Many of them have fallen into poverty, specifically, due to a lack of transportation to and from work. Parents are unable to get to the grocery store to provide food for their children and many of them go without medical attention because they cannot get to a doctor.

Charity Cars gives eligible families who are in need a free vehicle. When you donate auto or real estate property to Charity Cars, you can be sure that you are helping a family in need get back on the road to independence.

Who is Charity Cars?

Charity Cars is a non-profit organization founded in 1996. Our mission is to provide free vehicles to disadvantaged families. We ask that you donate and encourage your friends to donate auto to our organization.

We have found that by donating a vehicle to a family in need, we are making a huge impact on their outlook on life. Before receiving a charity car, many families depend on family and friends to get them to the places they need to go. Having an unreliable source of transportation often lands these families in situations they can not overcome. When we give them a vehicle of their own, their hope and self esteem is revived. We give families the power to succeed. Our program is the first of its kind in the nation>, and we have impacted thousands of lives throughout the United States.

Why Should You Donate?

When you donate auto to the Charity Cars program, you are helping change the life of a family in need. Your used car may no longer be of use to you, but to a family who is without transportation, it could mean a world of difference. Donated cars, trucks, vans and boats can help a family in need. Your used vehicle may go to help victims and families who have suffered domestic violence, natural disaster, medical emergencies, and other hardships. Charity Cars also gives free vehicles to military families and other non-profit organizations who are in need. Even if we sell your vehicle you help to support our mission.

Your donation to Charity Cars is tax deductible. Those who donate should contact their tax preparer about what options are available. This means that you too can benefit when you donate auto to the Charity Cars program.