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Donate Auto Charity

Did you know that all vehicles collected by 1-800-Charity Cars are tax deductible when you donate? Auto charity collections help families across the United States achieve independence. Your donation of a vehicle helps the Charity Cars program continue their efforts. For your donation you'll receive a tax deduction when you file for taxes.

Why Donate?

Some vehicles that are donated to the Charity Cars program are used to help disadvantaged families get to the places they need to go. Your donated vehicle could be the difference between someone getting to work each day or not being able to provide for their family because they have no transportation. What better reason to donate? Auto charity donations from people like you help families get the transportation they need to better take care of themselves and their loved ones. Your used car, truck or van could help a disadvantaged family member get back and forth to work, take their children to school and complete daily tasks without needing to rely on others. Having their own vehicle will make them independent and give them the opportunity to become a valued part of their communities. Your donation is important to the Charity Cars mission to help disadvantaged families achieve self sufficiency.

Who Does My Donation Help?

When you donate, auto charity vehicles are collected and used to support the Charity Cars organization and their free vehicle program. Charity Cars upholds their mission to “engage in activities that will uplift humanity.” Their free vehicle program uses your donations to help give disadvantaged families a free vehicle. Once you have donated your vehicle to the Charity Cars program, it can be used in a variety of ways.

Did you know that Charity Cars accepts broken down vehicles and junk vehicles as donations to their program? If you have an old vehicle that doesn't run and you wish to donate auto charity donations of this type are used to fund the Charity Cars program. Charity Cars uses old, broken down vehicles in automobile auctions that generate funding for the program. As long as the junk vehicle has not been scrapped for it's doors and roof, Charity Cars can accept it as a donation to their program.

How Do I Donate?

It isn't difficult to donate auto charity vehicles to Charity Cars. Our program accepts many different types of vehicles including cars, vans, trucks, boats and airplanes. If you wish to donate to the program, but are unable to give a vehicle, Charity Cars also accepts real estate donations. All donations to the Charity Cars program are tax deductible. If you donate auto charity vehicles are tax deductible at different amounts depending on how they were used to support the program.