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Cars For Charities

1-800-Charity Cars collects cars for charities at many participating locations all over the United States. Cars that have been donated are distributed to disadvantaged families who do not have their own means of transportation. Charity Cars gives cars to these families for free.

Helping Families

The cars for charities that are collected by Charity Cars help a variety of families who are struggling or at a disadvantage. Through the free vehicle program, Charity Cars upholds their mission to “engage in activities that will uplift humanity.” The families that are aided by the cars for charities program are recommended by community groups including churches, social workers and other non-profit organizations. Families that are recommended to the program must fill out an application and submit it to the Charity Cars organization. Charity Cars grants a free vehicle to a struggling family based on the immediacy of their need and their application information.

These families come from many walks of life. Most of the families that are aided by the cars for charities program by Charity Cars are struggling or disadvantaged in some way. Families given a free car from Charity Cars are usually families:

  • Who have suffered loss because of natural disasters
  • Who have suffered domestic violence
  • Who are living in transitional shelters
  • Who are making the transition from public assistance to work
  • Who are the working poor
  • Who are medically needy
  • Who are military families

Cars for charities help these families find the independence they need to get back on the road to self reliance. They begin to rebuild their lives and have a chance to live a better standard of living because of their free vehicle gift. The Charity Cars organization is proud to help these families find safe, reliable transportation. Their mission would not be possible if not for the donated cars for charities by people like you.

Donations Accepted

Donations made to the Charity Cars program are eligible for a tax deduction. Depending on how your vehicle donation is used in the program, you may be eligible for fair market value of your vehicle in tax deductions. Charity Cars accepts many different types of vehicles as donations to their free vehicle program. People can donate cars for charities at many Charity Cars participating locations across the country. Vehicles that are accepted include used cars, trucks, vans, sport utility vehicles, boats, airplanes and junk vehicles. Boats, airplanes and junk cars are not used as vehicle gifts to struggling and disadvantaged families. Instead they are used to fund the Charity Cars program through vehicle auctions. Vehicles that cannot be given out as “program cars” are auctioned or sold for salvage and all monies collected help fund the cars for charities program.