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Car Donations To Charity

Your car donations to Charity Cars make it possible for us to help hundreds of needy people each year by giving them the gift of independence and self-sufficiency that, in the situations of our screened applicants, only a car can provide. We’ve been distributing free cars to the needy since 1996, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization that exists to help get families and individuals on their feet and to a place where they can take care of themselves and live happy, healthy and productive lives. Although car donations to Charity Cars form the backbone of our organization’s charitable operations, we are always more than happy to accept cash donations as well as donations of boats, recreational vehicles, airplanes, real estate or any other asset that you would like to donate toward helping us help your community be stronger.

One hundred percent of your car donations to Charity Cars goes toward helping the needy whether they be medically needy, the working poor, victims of natural disasters, victims of domestic violence, military families or folks transitioning off of public assistance. We don’t work through middle men and, unlike other operations, we do not sell your car donations to Charity Cars to other charitable organizations for profit. We’ve been featured in People magazine and on television in such shows as the Montel show, Good Morning America and the CBS News. We are proud to have been recognized and honored by receiving the Walt Disney World Outstanding Community Service Award.

We can accept your car donations to charity whether the car, truck or minivan is in running condition or not. We can typically have one of our towing affiliates pickup your donation within 24 hours of your initial call, at a time and place convenient to you, anywhere in the United States. You can deduct the fair market value of your car donations to Charity Cars from your taxable income but, as every individual’s personal tax situation is different, we strongly advise our donors to consult with their tax preparer or accountant for the best information as to how this can help your tax position. The law requires you, as donor, to declare the fair market value of your donation, but this value is in line with what a willing buyer would pay to a willing seller for the car through a private party sale. Your donation will be towed to a repair facility where a safety inspection will be made and a determination will be made as to whether the car’s condition was accurately conveyed to us. If you have any questions or concerns about how the process works, please consult with one of our customer service professionals.