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Car Donation Tax Deduction

More and more people are finding that securing a car donation tax deduction is the right move for them when looking to get rid of a car that they no longer need. Consider the alternative: selling a car typically means receiving a fraction of its value if you sell it to a dealer, or a huge expense of time and energy if you sell it to a private party.

We are Charity Cars, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that specializes in pairing donated cars to applicants in need of their own transportation and providing a car donation tax deduction for its donors. We’ve been doing this since 1996, and have been featured on the CBS News and ABC’s Good Morning America, as well as being written up in People magazine. We are proud to be a recipient of the Walt Disney World Outstanding Community Service Award. We’re excited about the way the gift of a donated car can change things around for families and individuals who need a boost to get back on their feet and become productive citizens, so we make the process of donating a car to us as simple and as enjoyable as we can.

The benefits of donating a car through Charity Cars goes far beyond just the car donation tax deduction. You can be confident that your gift goes to impacting lives. We provide cars to victims of natural disasters, the working poor, victims of domestic violence, people with special medical needs, military families and more. You’re not just getting a car donation tax deduction, but you’re getting a stronger, healthier community and the rewards of knowing that you are making a difference.

Current tax laws allow you to deduct the fair market value of any car that you donate that we use as one of our program cars. The law mandates that you set the fair market value of your donation and it must reflect the price a willing buyer would pay for that car from a willing seller. We strongly suggest consulting a service such as Kelly Blue Book to arrive at your car’s fair market value. Everyone’s tax situation is different, so we also suggest you consult your tax preparer or an accounting professional when trying to secure a car donation tax deduction. When we take possession of your car, we take it to a repair facility for a safety inspection and to verify that the value of the car has been accurately conveyed to us. In cases where we can not use your car as one of our program cars, we will sell the car at auction, and your car donation tax deduction will be the actual sales price.

Consider donating that car that is just sitting unused in the driveway or garage as an alternative to selling it. Take a short time to read through some of the testimonials of people whose lives have been changed through the generosity of folks like you. We have customer service professionals available to answer any questions you may have by phone.