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Car Donation New York

If you want to make a New York car donation, residents can call 1-800-CharityCars to arrange for a pickup of their vehicle donation. With the development and implementation of the National Cars Donation System, 1-800-Charity Cars can process your New York car donation. Charity Cars has an easy to remember number that can be called by residents who are willing to donate their old vehicles to a disadvantaged family in need of transportation.

Increased Demand

Charity Cars is a nationally recognized non-profit organization. Since the founding of Charity Cars, over 5000 struggling families have received a free vehicle. Across the United States, Charity Cars has been changing the lives of families who need their own form of transportation. Your vehicle donations support the Charity Cars free vehicle program and help to uphold the Charity Cars mission. No matter where you are in the country, Charity Cars will accept your vehicle donation. New York and other states have sent requests for Charity Cars to help the members of their communities. The Charity Cars program has become increasingly more popular as they continue to aid the economically disadvantaged.

Why Donate

The popularity of the Charity Cars program has made it more important than ever for people to donate their unwanted vehicles to the program. Each day, Charity Cars receives more cries for help from disadvantaged families who need transportation. These families can be helped by your donation. New York residents can donate any type of vehicle to Charity Cars. Vehicle donations help support Charity Cars in their mission to provide a free vehicle to families who are living in transitional housing, transitioning from public assistance to work, the working poor, the medically needy, victims of natural disaster and victims of domestic violence. Helping these and many other families find the hope and ambition to succeed is just one reason why you should make a car donation. New York families and families across the United States have turned to Charity Cars for assistance. Without the vehicle donations from people like you, Charity Cars would not be able to give these families the support they need to rebuild their self-esteem and start living more worthwhile lives.


Charity Cars upholds its mission to engage in activities that uplift humanity by gifting free vehicles and vehicle support services to disadvantaged families across the United States. Your car donations benefit a variety of families who are referred to the Charity Cars program by non-profit organizations, churches, social service agencies and other groups. Families who have been gifted a vehicle by Charity Cars have said the experience has given them a new outlook on life. They feel as if they have been given a second chance to become worthwhile citizens. With your car donation, New York families who are disadvantaged can be given the same experience.