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Car Donation New Jersey

To make a New Jersey car donation, contact 1-800-Charity Cars. 1-800-Charity Cars is a nationally recognized non-profit organization. Since their founding, thousands of struggling families have been gifted a free vehicle and vehicle support.


A decade ago, 1-800-Charity Cars developed and implemented the National Cars Donation System. The system allows 1-800-Charity Cars to process your New Jersey car donation. New Jersey donors and those from other states can donate their vehicles by going online and filling out the car donation form. From any part of the country, donors can contact 1-800-Charity Cars about donating their vehicle. 1-800-Charity Cars will accept any vehicle donors and others in different states want to donate. Many requests for 1-800-Charity Cars to help disadvantaged families in New Jersey have been submitted. As the 1-800-Charity Cars program becomes increasingly more popular, more donations are needed. 1-800-Charity Cars will continue to aid the economically disadvantaged families with the vehicles donors have given to the program.

Accepted Donations

Donors can give to the 1-800-Charity Cars program in a number of ways. 1-800-Charity Cars accepts a variety of vehicles as donations. Vehicles not used as gifts to disadvantaged families through their free vehicle program are used in vehicle auctions. Charity Cars will accept used and junk car donations. New Jersey donors can donate their car, truck, sport utility vehicle, airplane or boat to the program. Boats and airplanes will not be used as free vehicle gifts and are auctioned in order to raise money to support the 1-800-Charity Cars mission to aid disadvantaged families. All proceeds collected at vehicle auctions are used to pay for the cost of towing, vehicle maintenance and other things required for the 1-800-Charity Cars program to continue helping struggling families in the community.


With a single vehicle donation, families and other families across the United States can be given the resource they need – vehicle transportation – to get back on their feet. 1-800-Charity Cars gifts disadvantaged families a free vehicle in order to make it easier for them to get back into the work force and live a more fulfilling life. The 1-800-Charity Cars program helps disadvantaged families who are victims of domestic violence, victims of natural disaster, the medically needy, the working poor, those transitioning from public assistance to work, those living in transitional shelters and military families. Families are recommended to the free vehicle program by other members of the community who see a need. Families who have been helped by the 1-800-Charity Cars free vehicle program say they are not only given a new vehicle, but a new outlook on life as well. 1-800-Charity Cars will accept any New Jersey car donation given to the program. To make a donation, donors should call 1-800-Charity Cars or donate online through their online donor application found at