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Car Donation Maryland

The Charity Cars National Car Donations System makes it possible for people across the country to make a donation. Using the National Car Donations System, Charity Cars can process and accept Maryland car donations. Using the online donation application, you can donate your vehicle at a time convenient for you.

Charity Cars

Charity Cars is the first organization in the United States to offer a free vehicle program nationally. Established in 1996, Charity Cars is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families. Their mission is to give disadvantaged families free vehicles and vehicle support. With your Maryland car donation, families who are struggling to get to work will have a reliable vehicle gifted to them free of charge. The Charity Cars program changes the lives of families across the country. Charity Cars is about helping people. There are many disadvantaged families who are recommended to the free vehicle program by churches, non-profit organizations, social service groups, friends and family. With a vehicle donation, Maryland residents can change the life of a family who is struggling. Many of the families helped by Charity Cars are the medically needy, the working poor, victims of domestic violence, victims of natural disasters, families transitioning from public assistance to work and families living in transitional housing.


Maryland has participating Charity Cars tow operators all over the state. Visit the Charity Cars website to fill out the online car donation form. Within 48 hours, a Charity Cars representative will contact you to arrange for vehicle pick up. At a time most convenient to you, Charity Cars will send a tow truck to pick up the vehicle you wish to donate. It's fast, convenient and free. Charity Cars will pay for all fees associated with towing any car donation Maryland donors wish to give.

Donating your vehicle could change the lives of many disadvantaged families across the country. By donating, you are helping families get the reliable transportation they need to get to and from work. Many families aided by the Charity Cars program have said the experience of receiving a free vehicle has given them a new outlook on life. They feel as if they have gotten a second chance because of the free vehicle program. No other organization has had such an impact on the lives of American citizens as Charity Cars.

Charity Cars accepts junk vehicles, airplanes and boats to the program. Although these vehicles are not used as gifts to disadvantaged families, they are used to support the free vehicle program. Vehicles that cannot be given to a struggling family will be auctioned and all money collected will be used to pay for towing fees, vehicle support and other program expenses. Charity Cars accepts vehicle donation Maryland vehicle donors would like to give to the program.