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Car Donation Connecticut

Connecticut residents can donate their cars by filling out the donation form on the Charity Cars website. It's fast, free and convenient. Your car donation could make a big difference in the lives of families in your area.

Donations Needed

Charity Cars has been helping disadvantaged families get back on their feet by giving them a free vehicle. Charity Cars is a nationally recognized program that has already helped hundreds of struggling families since their founding. Charity Cars is a non-profit organization that accepts car donations from people in every state and we can accept your Connecticut car donation. As popularity for the Charity Cars program increases, it has become even more important that people donate to the program.

Nationwide System

The increasing need for vehicles has required Charity Cars to create and implement the National Car Donations System. The system makes it possible for Charity Cars to process car donations from anywhere in the United States. Connecticut and other states have been hit hard by the economy. The Charity Cars organization offers a solution to the transportation dilemma preventing many disadvantaged families from getting to work and supporting their loved ones. Charity Cars can help many disadvantaged families with your donation. Connecticut residents can donate their vehicles by visiting the Charity Cars website. From the homepage, vehicle donors can navigate to the online car donation form. When the form is completed and submitted to Charity Cars, a Charity Cars representative will make contact within 48 hours. Without vehicle donations, Charity Cars would not be able to give struggling families the support they need to rebuild their lives.

Changing Lives

The Charity Cars mission is dedicated to uplifting humanity and engaging in activities that have a positive effect on the community. The Charity Cars organization gives free vehicles and free vehicle support to disadvantaged families across the country. With your Connecticut car donation, local families have the opportunity to turn their lives around. These families include victims of domestic violence, victims of natural disaster, the medically needy, the working poor, families living in transitional housing and families making the switch from public assistance to work. The Charity Cars organization also aids military families and other non-profit organizations.

Many recipients of a free vehicle from Charity Cars have said they feel as if they have been given a second chance at life. The experience has given them a new outlook on life and the ambition to become worthwhile citizens. With your donation families who are disadvantaged can be given the same experience as so many struggling families across the country.