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Auto Donations

Your auto donations made to the 1-800-Charity Cars organization are used in a variety of ways. Depending on the type of vehicle you donate, Charity Cars will either use your car to give to a disadvantaged family or auction it to help fund the program. Charity Cars is a non-profit organization. Proceeds collected from automobile auctions are used for the free vehicle and free vehicle maintenance program.

Who We Help

When you make auto donations to the free vehicle program sponsored by Charity Cars, you are helping our organization aid a disadvantaged family. Families who are gifted a free vehicle from the Charity Cars program come from all walks of life and have often times suffered loss. The auto donations used to continue the Charity Cars program help these struggling families become independent. Having their own vehicle will give them the ability to start rebuilding their lives and become more self reliant.

The families that are gifted free vehicles are referred to the Charity Cars program by other non-profit organizations, churches, and social services groups. Most of these families are those who have been victims of natural disaster, victims of domestic violence, families making the switch from public assistance to the work force, families who reside in transitional living shelters, the working poor and the medically needy. Families that receive free vehicles are chosen based on certain qualifications.

Accepted Donations

Auto donations are always accepted by the Charity Cars organization. The free vehicle and free vehicle maintenance program started by Charity Cars is the first of its kind in the nation and year after year has proven to be the largest. Charity Cars helps hundreds of families to get back on the road to self sufficiency each year. There has been an increased need for vehicles and Charity Cars will happily accept most auto donations to their program. You can donate your used car, truck, van, boat or airplane to the program. Vehicles that cannot be used as a free vehicle gift to a disadvantaged family (boats and airplanes) will be sold at an automobile auction. Other vehicles accepted by Charity Cars include old vehicles that no longer run and junk cars. If these vehicles cannot be made into “program cars” they will also be sold at an automobile auction. Money collected at auction will go toward the funding of the Charity Cars Program.

All auto donations made to the Charity Cars free vehicle program are eligible for a tax deduction. Donors will receive a receipt stating how their vehicle was used to support the Charity Cars free vehicle program. With this receipt, donors may be able to deduct their auto donations.