Top 6 Reasons You Should Carpool

When most people think of a carpool, they tend to think along the lines of parents shuffling kids to sports and other extracurricular activities. However, carpooling is beneficial to everyone, not just parents trying to get kids to their activities. People are starting to realize now that carpooling is for more than just the kiddos to get where they need to go. Carpooling can be used for work, concerts, social events, games, and even road trips!

If you have not considered carpooling allow us here at The Original 1-800 Charity Cars, providers of donated vehicles to families in need of transportation, to share with you the reasons you should carpool as an adult:

  1. SAVE ON GAS- Gas prices are extremely high, and it is a struggle for people to afford to fill those tanks! If you carpool with others to get to your destination then you have several people going to the same place, which saves on gas! Instead of everyone filling their tanks, only one tank can get everyone there!
  2. SAFER- Less cars on the road mean fewer accidents, and many places have carpool lanes too. These lanes have been proven to be more efficient, and safer! Road trips alone can be dangerous, so carpool with someone going the same way and be safer on your trip. Share the expenses too!
  3. GREAT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT- Less cars on the road means less emissions of dangerous fumes in the air, making our atmosphere greener, and safer thanks to your carpool.
  4. SAVE ON TOLLS/PARKING FEES- If you have to pass through tollbooths, or pay for a parking garage, a carpool will save everyone on those fees.
  5. MORE SOCIAL- With so much technology these days, face-to-face human interaction is at an all time low. A carpool offers a great opportunity to be social with an actual human being instead of a commute alone.
  6. EASIER COMMUTE/LESS TRAFFIC- Commute times could lessen as traffic congestion goes down with less cars on the road, so you may get to your destination quicker and spend less time on the road thanks to the carpool.

You can use the following sites to locate a carpool that will work for you today:

1-800 Charity Cars hopes you all will take this list into consideration and join a carpool! You can cut down on your carbon footprint, save money, save time, be safer, have an easier/faster commute, and enjoy the company of others just by carpooling!