10 Tips For Saving On Fuel Costs

tips for saving on fuel costsWith everyone trying to find ways to save money and gasoline prices at such high prices, 1-800-Charity Cars, non-profit vehicle donation program, offers you the following list of tips for saving on fuel costs:

Tighten the gas caps

Make sure that your gas cap is always properly aligned and tightly sealed. Unbeknownst to most, a gas cap that is not appropriately sealed and tightened will actually allow gas to vaporize. According to Advanced Auto Parts, over 147 million gallons of gas vaporize every year in the United States from improperly placed gas caps.

Don’t sit idle for long

If you have to sit idle for more than ten minutes, turn your engine off. Although it does take a slight burst of gas to start your vehicle, allowing your vehicle to sit idle for long periods of time will use more gas.

Travel Optimization

Always optimize your travel so you’re getting the most done in your trip at once. If you have errands to run throughout the week, try to plan them in one trip instead of several smaller trips. In the long run you will save on fuel consumption by tending to your errands in one trip with one return trip home, rather than several trips.

Make sure your tires are in fuel saving mode

Making sure your tires are in fuel saving mode is as easy as one two three!
One: your tires should be at full inflation all the time, so be sure to check your tire pressure every time you fill up the tank.
Two: make sure that your tires are balanced.
Three: make sure that your tires are aligned. Deflated tires alone can cost you at the pump, as it eats away at your MPG performance. Make sure to read our article on How to Change a Flat Tire, just in case you ever find yourself stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire.

Perform routine maintenance

Keep your car in the best running condition possible by ensuring you perform routine maintenance. A poorly maintained vehicle will always use more gas than a car that is being regularly tuned up and cared for.

Find the lowest gas prices in your area

When purchasing anything, you should shop around for the best deals and gas should be no different. Before you head out to fill up your tank, shop around online and see who has the lowest fuel prices in your area. You can locate the cheapest gas in your area by visiting sites such as Gas Buddy. For more online car resources, check out our article: 7 Car Related Websites You Should Bookmark.

Lighten the load in your vehicle

If you do not need it in your car, do not lug it around with you. Every pound you add to your vehicle will decrease the mileage you get with every gallon of gas. Try to make sure you keep your car and trunk cleaned out and only carry with you what you need.

Keep your air filter changed

A dirty or worn air filter can cut down on your miles per gallon. Making sure your air filter is in good shape and routinely changed will save you on gas consumption.

If you have a garage, use it

If you’re fortunate enough to have a garage, make room for your car! Keeping your car in a garage will protect it from the elements year round, but it is also very beneficial in winter months to help save on fuel costs. A warm engine will take less time and gas to heat up, as well as run more efficiently than one that has been out in the cold all day or night.

Always plan your route

Whenever you’re driving to an area or place you are unfamiliar with, plan your route. Either use your in-car GPS, Cell Phone GPS Navigation, or online mapping services. Knowing where you are going can help you avoid getting lost and wasting fuel while you’re trying to find your way to your destination.

  • Nicole Stanley

    Great advice and very well explained.With the cost of fuel on the rise, it’s important being the savvy consumer.Regular services and maintenance is vital for good fuel efficiency. A well tuned vehicle is the best way to go about lower your fuel consumption!