Six Reasons to Have a Dash Cam in Your Car

reasons to have a dash cam
We live in an age where technology is so advanced and people have video cameras everywhere. Most people have them installed to keep an eye on their homes and some systems even have remote abilities so they can watch from their office or even cell phones. Baby monitors now have video cameras and we all have heard of the Nanny cams people use to watch their childcare providers. There are video cameras around our towns keeping a watchful eye on everyone. Even vehicles now have side cams and back up cams too.

Now we have the ability to have dash cams in our vehicles. These are similar to the cameras that law enforcement officers have in their vehicles. The video cameras mentioned above are easily justified in their usefulness, but the dash cam may not be something that many think will be as useful. Today, we here at 1-800 Charity Cars, providers of free donated vehicles to struggling families in need since 1996, would like to share six reasons to have a dash cam in your car.

  1. While no one ever wants to be involved in a motor vehicle accident, unfortunately they do happen every day. Having a dash cam installed in your car can help provide you with video evidence if you are involved in an accident. This can also help to speed up your insurance claims, as there is no need for long, drawn out discussions since you will have actual footage to provide to the insurance adjuster about the accident.
  2. You could avoid being ticketed or fined for violations that you are actually not guilty of since you have a dash cam in place to prove your innocence. Sometimes people get ticketed/fined for crossing the yellow line, swerving or weaving, running a red light, etc. when they did not actually commit any moving violations. Let’s not leave out tickets for talking on your cell phone or not having your seat belt on. Having a dash cam can help to show your innocence.
  3. Have you ever come out of the store or work and notice someone scratched, dented, or even smashed your car? Or perhaps someone broke into your car and stole your possessions? Having a dash cam that has a motion sensor in it will record even when the car is off so whoever the guilty party is will have been caught red-handed on the dash cam! It can also help you to prove damage to your car from severe weather, fallen trees, or even animals that have been known to damage vehicles.
  4. Your dash cam can help you avoid insurance fraud too. Sadly people have been known for running scams by jumping in front of cars or riding a bike into a car as they are coming to a stop. Having a dash cam can help you prove that the person intentionally put themselves in harm’s way to get a settlement.
  5. Do you have a teenager, new driver, or a friend using your vehicle? If so, having a dash cam installed will give you the ability to review how they are driving, and behaving in your car. For more tips for new drivers check out our article here.
  6. The dash cam can also be something fun to have! You can use them to have a record of your road trips, vacations, or to catch any number of unexpected things as you drive daily.

Still unsure about a dash cam? Or perhaps you are ready to go get one installed now, but are just unsure about which one, or what features you want? Here are some resources to help you decide:

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