Reasons Why People Don’t Donate

Even though people do believe in humanitarian work and have a genuine will to make this world a better place, many may still refrain from making donations. There are a variety of reasons why people don’t donate and they may not necessarily reflect a person’s personality or the desire in their heart. A number of psychological experiments have revealed data that suggests that if people knew why they are held back, they would be able to make an additional effort. These include the following:

Identification of Victims

When people are told that a certain country has a specific number of people who do not have the means to fulfill their basic human needs, they feel sorry and may want to do something about it but don’t feel compelled. However, if they are shown a picture of a certain individual or a kid who has been suffering from a particular disease and needs assistance, they may get driven to make a move. Once you know this, you would know that it is equally important to help those who are not identifiable.

Not in Control

Unless people observe a sizeable impact, they are not willing to give away their money or belongings as it makes them feel their donation is useless. When people are given an opportunity to help 1500 people out of 2000 by donating a car, a large majority would want to do so. However, if they are told that their donation would help 5 people out of 2000, it suddenly feels futile. So please remember that even though the impact of your donation may not always be visible, it certainly makes a big difference for someone in need. 1-800-Charity Cars has helped over 5,000 people in need with the donated vehicles we have received.


Experiments show that when a number of people are told about a specific problem, they all expect each other to do something about it. This puts a halt to the progress as no one makes a move while expecting others to reach out first. You do not have to wait for your turn, every day is an opportunity to make a difference, so forget what the others are doing and put in your share to help those in need.

With car donations, there are also other issues that people are worried about, such as the amount of paperwork involved in the process. 1-800 Charity Cars is a nationally acclaimed and award-winning car donation organization and is willing to help you in making the donation of a vehicle to help those in need as simple as possible . Visit our convenient online form to donate a car and change someone’s life today. There are also resources available to help you plan your charitable giving.