Highlighting Those In Need: Patricia from West Virginia

car donation applicant
1-800-Charity Cars, a nonprofit charity, operates Free Charity Cars, where families in need are able to apply for a free charity car nationwide. We would like to highlight one of our car donation applicants to share with you the families your donation would be helping.

Patricia Boggs has been a member of our vehicle distribution site since April 30, 2010, where she has applied for assistance in receiving a vehicle. Here is a summary of what receiving a car donation would mean to Patricia:

“I have been a member of the freecharitycars.org site since April of 2010. I joined as I was in need of a vehicle and after about a year and a half I thought life was getting better as my husband had found me a $500.00 beater car. At that point, I had been without a car for seven years, so I was happy thinking things were looking up. I stayed on Free Charity Cars to pay it forward and help others in need. I started transferring my votes out that I had accumulated to help the other members. Unfortunately that beater car did not last long and I found myself still needing a vehicle. I am proud of having helped as many as I did transferring my votes to them, and would do it again.

I have had a very eventful life full of my share of heartaches and sorrows. Last year the day before I turned 60 they removed the top right lobe of my right lung due to lung cancer. I have COPD, Asthma, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, and many other medical issues, that I live with daily.

It is so hard to be without a vehicle. It would be nice to not have to depend on others all the time, and get to my much needed appointments and just basic everyday necessities. I turned down a college course in town, which would have given me a credit and furthered my education, as I had no way to get there every week. I am not complaining as I am just so thankful to be alive and wake up to a new day by the Grace of God. I just need a helping hand. I need a car desperately, and I am thankful for the opportunity that Charity Cars offers people like myself to get the help we need. I pray each day that a vehicle donation will come in.”

You can read more about Patricia and her need for reliable transportation by visiting her profile:

Your vehicle donation can change the life of Patricia and others like her. 1-800-Charity Cars accepts vehicles nationwide, whether your car runs or not. 100% of your donation goes to our charity to help give the gift of transportation to struggling families and you will receive a tax deduction. A full “fair market value” tax deduction for a vehicle donation is possible, if the vehicle is provided to a family. If you are interested in making a used car donation, simply call 1-800-242-7489 or donate your vehicle online through our easy to use donation form. You can also make a monetary donation to 1-800-Charity Cars through PayPal or JustGive.