Past Recipient: Madeline from Cottonwood, AZ

Car Donation Recipient Madeline 1In March 2012, Madeline Taylor signed up and applied for a charity car with our organization, and in December 2012 she became a car donation recipient.

Here is what she would like to share about her journey and experience with receiving a car donation:

“I joined Free Charity Cars on 3/29/12 at the advice of a friend that I met in a support group for Ménière’s, which is a disease I have. We at the time owned an old Buick, which was barely running. With my illness the only places we ever really went was doctors but my specialist was over 2 hours away and several times the car would not get us there. Appointments had to be cancelled, and I was often times left sick standing on the side of the road. Living on my disability check, and my husbands social security check we could not afford the repairs. We were constantly asking my mother for help to keep it on the road.

Signing up on the Free Charity Cars site was easy. At first I did not tell my husband that I had signed up. He is a very proud man. We had always been “middle class” and worked all our lives, had jobs, a house, and at one point two cars. My illness changed our lives so dramatically that once I could no longer work, we lost our health insurance, our house and he was forced to take early retirement (at 62) to be my caregiver as I was having so many attacks during the day I could not be left alone. So I began my journey on the site, some people read my story and would message me and I found new friendships. One woman began transferring 200 votes every day to me and before I knew it I was on page one for Arizona.
It was at this point I told my husband about the site and he joined to help others too.

Car Donation Recipient Madeline 2One of my specialists was in Wisconsin so we had to fly back to see him to talk about a surgery on my ear. I am deaf in one ear and hard of hearing in my other. We were at my daughter’s house and the phone rang. I don’t talk on the phone as it really hurts my hearing ear and can cause an attack after a few minutes, so I know if my husband Danny hands me the phone it’s very important. He said it’s for you and handed me the phone. I didn’t know who was on the other end because I heard very little of the conversation to be honest, I just know it was someone from free charity cars saying something about a car and 6 people in Arizona were being awarded cars and we were one of the 6. I could not believe it!

Having the car has changed our lives. Now when we have to go to the doctors we just go. We don’t have to worry about whether the car will get us there. We will really be putting the car to the test this September as my son is getting married and we will be driving back to Wisconsin. If it had not been for FCC I would not even have been able to think about going to my son’s wedding. We feel so very blessed. We call our car “Hope”. We continue every day to stay and pay it forward on Free Charity Cars to others in need. It feels great to help others. Free Charity Cars is our family and spreading the word about the charity is an honor and privilege.”

You can help to change the lives of other people in need, like Madeline was, by donating a vehicle to 1-800-Charity Cars today. If you do not have a vehicle to donate, you can also make a monetary donation. Call us at 1-800-242-7489 to speak to a live operator today. We also offer a convenient online donation form, as well as JustGive and PayPal for monetary donations.