Past Recipients of Car Donations: Military Veterans

On this Independence Day, we would like to remember the men and women who have served in our armed forces. Today we are sharing the stories of recent recipients of car donations: military veterans. These veterans have honorably served their country and we are so happy to be able to provide them with much needed transportation and the new feeling of independence that owning a car provides. Let us all remember to thank our country’s military veterans on the 4th of July.

Daniel E. – U.S. Air Force Veteran

car donations military veterans

Daniel joined the Air Force to serve his country and make a living. He served as both a Freight Manager and Air Traffic Controller. After serving in the military, he started a second career in HVAC. When the company shut down, he was unable to continue in the industry. Transportation has become a real hardship for him and his family. Daniel has taken on a new challenge and gone back to school for teaching, but his wife has to wait 3 hours after her job at Wendy’s until he can pick her up.

On June 3rd, 2014, Daniel received a 2001 Infiniti QX4 and is very grateful. “A vehicle would be such a blessing to my family. It would be the nicest thing anyone has ever done for us! I can get back on my feet by teaching and give back to those who have helped me.”
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6 Creative Ways To Conquer Summer Boredom

summer boredom

Summer is that magical time of the year when people get excited to be out of school, take family vacations, breaks from work, or other obligations. As the season moves forward, everyone may find themselves running out of money, time, or things to do during their break. This is when boredom begins to sink in.

With summer well underway, and the initial excitement beginning to turn into boredom, 1-800 Charity Cars would like to provide you with the following list of ways to conquer summer boredom. Learn how to beat that humdrum feeling and have some fun in very creative ways!

1. Clear out, clean up, and switch it up

While no one may think that cleaning is fun, especially children during a summer break, it can be! Motivate your kids to clean up their rooms, and clear out the old toys, clothes, shoes, and other belongings they no longer use. Tell them that once the cleaning and clearing out is done that you are going to switch it up!

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July Is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

cell phone courtesy

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In 2002, Jacqueline Whitmore, one of the nation’s well known etiquette experts, started an event to encourage cell phone users to be more respectful. “It’s important to educate people about the proper way to use these devices so that they’re still in touch but not annoying those around them”, said Ms. Whitmore.

1-800-Charity Cars, providers of reliable transportation to people in need since 1996, understands the important role that cell phones play in our daily lives, and the need to use them in various places. However, we also realize that everyone should be mindful of their surroundings and thoughtful of others when on their cellular devices.

In honor of National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, here is a list of tips and suggestions to help you practice considerate mobile phone use:

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6 Driving Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Vehicle

driving tips to prolong the life of your vehicle

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The Original 1-800-Charity Cars, providers of car donations to families in need, understands that so many people are just trying to survive paycheck to paycheck. It is a reality that many face. Most people cannot afford to run out and purchase a vehicle at any given time. Vehicle repairs can be expensive and the cost of gasoline is rising. We have provided you with just a few driving tips to prolong the life of your vehicle. These are just simple habits that you can put into place to help you save money in the long run and help prolong the life of your vehicle:

Starting Your Engine

Every day you hop in your car, start it up, and go on your way. If you drive off without letting your car warm up, you are causing unnecessary wear and tear. It takes a minimum of 20 seconds for your engine oil to reach the correct pressure and get to flowing. Give your car 20 seconds to get warmed up before heading out and you will avoid the wear and tear of metal grinding metal by driving off to soon.

Drive Less

Pretty simple notion that if you drive your car less it will last longer, but stop and think of how many little trips you may make that could be combined? Are you someone who drives to the dry cleaners, bank, post office, etc. one at a time and back home? Plan an errand day once a week and hit all of them in one trip. If there are times you can walk to the corner store or carpool with others, then do it. You will increase the life span of your vehicle and save money on gas.

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7 Car Related Websites You Should Bookmark

car related websites

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With the power of the internet at our fingertips and comprehensive search engines like Google available, it is very easy to find useful information when needed. Bookmarking the resources that are shared with you today will save you time on trying to track them down again and you will have the information readily available when you need it. It can also be a great way to organize your most visited or important sites by category for quick access.

If you are a current or soon-to-be vehicle owner, 1-800 Charity Cars, the nation’s leading car donation charity, has compiled the following list of helpful car related websites that you should bookmark. The following list will aid you in a plethora of things from securing insurance, to recycling car parts, and more.

  1. CARFAX- Before buying a vehicle visit Carfax and find out the vehicle’s history so that you feel secure in what you are buying.
  2. KELLY BLUE BOOK- Kelly Blue Book will help you know what you should be paying for a vehicle, how much it is worth, show you car reviews, and much more.
  3. GAS BUDDY- Gas Buddy will become your best buddy by helping you to track down the cheapest gas prices in your area.

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Past Recipient: Robert from Tennessee

car donation recipient - Robert
Robert, a car donation recipient from Tennessee, is a disabled veteran, who served our country valiantly in 1990. He fought in the Gulf War, also known as Desert Storm. Unfortunately, he was involved in the collision of a patriot and scud missile, which created an after shock that blew him back over 60 feet. As a result, Robert sustained many injuries; including breaking his back and neck in 7 different places.

Doctors told Robert he was not expected to walk again. However, after much determination and extensive physical therapy, Robert managed to walk again and lead a functioning life. Still, the injuries he recovered from proved to make his every day life much more difficult. He also did not have a reliable form of transportation, which made caring for himself and his 4 children, ages 6 to 14, a large obstacle.

On May 23rd, 2014; Robert became a car donation recipient when 1-800-Charity Cars was able to provide his family with a 2009 Honda Odyssey. Robert was elated with his gift and the fact that it would allow him to take his children to necessary appointments, grocery shopping, and other important tasks without having to rely on help from family and friends. Robert is thankful for the second chance he has been given and is grateful to all the people involved in making his donation possible.
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Highlighting Those In Need: Rita From Ohio

car donation applicant - Rita

1-800-Charity Cars, a non-profit car donation charity, are operators of the, site, where people in need of reliable transportation can apply for a free charity car nationwide. Today, we would like to highlight one of our car donation applicants to share with you the people with the need for reliable transportation.

Rita Sullivan has been a member of our vehicle distribution site since September 12, 2009, where she has applied for assistance in receiving an automobile. Here is a summary of her situation:

“I initially joined the free charity cars site to get a handicap accessible van to care for my son Jesse. My precious child passed away on June 3, 2010, and I had never posted anything about my own personal medical issues, as my primary focus was the needs of my son.

Since Jesse passed away I am no longer in need of a handicap accessible van. I did however remain with Free Charity Cars to get a vehicle for myself. I am in need of transportation to care for my own medical issues. I have osteoporosis, arthritis in my lower back, right shoulder, and no cartilage in my neck, knee has no cartilage, asthma, C.O.P.D, emphysema, and carpal tunnel in both hands. My doctor has informed me that I will need surgery.
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Five Tips For Summer Road Trips

tips for summer road trips

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With summer underway, kids out of school, and lazy days upon us, many people are planning and taking road trips. Road trips can be fun, exciting, frustrating, and exhausting all at the same time. 1-800 Charity Cars, the nation’s leading vehicle donation/distribution program, has compiled the following tips for summer road trips to help make those road trips less of a hassle, and more enjoyable for everyone.

Get your vehicle serviced and make sure you have emergency items

Before you pack up and head out on the road, take your car in for an inspection and service. Taking the time to make sure your vehicle is in good running condition can save you from spending time stranded on the side of the road. It can also save you money on gas by making your vehicle more fuel-efficient. Also make sure your vehicle has a spare tire, jack, jumper cables, roadside emergency kit, a couple cans of fix-a-flat, and anything else you may need in the event of a breakdown or an accident.

Update your GPS system or get a new map.

Whether you are using a GPS system or a regular paper map, be sure they are up to date. Roads are always changing, and making sure that whatever you are using is current will ensure that you do not end up lost on your road trip.
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Past Recipient: Madeline from Cottonwood, AZ

Car Donation Recipient Madeline 1In March 2012, Madeline Taylor signed up and applied for a charity car with our organization, and in December 2012 she became a car donation recipient.

Here is what she would like to share about her journey and experience with receiving a car donation:

“I joined Free Charity Cars on 3/29/12 at the advice of a friend that I met in a support group for Ménière’s, which is a disease I have. We at the time owned an old Buick, which was barely running. With my illness the only places we ever really went was doctors but my specialist was over 2 hours away and several times the car would not get us there. Appointments had to be cancelled, and I was often times left sick standing on the side of the road. Living on my disability check, and my husbands social security check we could not afford the repairs. We were constantly asking my mother for help to keep it on the road.
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10 Safety Features Your Vehicle Should Have

Safety Features Your Vehicle Should Have

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Over the years, vehicles have come a long way from the days of no windshield wipers or seat belts, to becoming amazing safety fortresses on wheels. However, the conditions in which we drive daily have changed too, becoming more dangerous with congested roadways and higher speed limits. It is imperative that vehicle owners pay close attention to the type of car they decide to purchase and what safety features are available.

1-800-Charity Cars, a national non-profit providing vehicle donations to struggling families since 1996, would like to highlight 10 safety features your vehicle should have to aide you in ensuring your vehicle is as safe as possible:


Seat belts have been around for a long time, but over the years they have changed dramatically. Seat belts are now in front and rear seats of vehicles. They are no longer just waist belts; they are now waist and chest restraints. Seat belts now offer a locking system, so in the event of an accident the seat belt will lock and keep you in your seat. It is important, especially when buying an older vehicle, that you make sure the seat belts are waist/across chest, front/rear, and has the locking mechanism in place.
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