May 25th Is National Missing Children Day

National Missing Children Day

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On May 25, 1979 Etan Patz, a 6 year old boy from New York, disappeared on his way home from school. Sadly, he was never found. He was never recovered and in 2001 he was legally declared dead. This abduction received an avalanche of media attention and was ultimately the reason the missing children movement was formed. Former United States President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation and National Missing Children’s Day observance began in 1983. Since then, this day has been observed every year on the anniversary of the day Etan Patz originally disappeared.

This day is used as an opportunity for everyone to spread awareness about child abductions, to educate our children about safety, and to support the families of victims. 1-800-Charity Cars, providers of reliable transportation to people in need since 1996, wants to share the following list of ways that you can help honor National Missing Children Day:

  • Use your social networks, blogs, and websites to spread awareness.
  • Sit your own children down and commit to spending time with them to discuss child abduction and how they can stay safe.
  • Seek out volunteer opportunities in your community to assist with missing children programs.
  • If you are aware of a family in your community who has a missing child, offer your emotional support and/or man hours to help pass out flyers or whatever else they may need help with.
  • “Be A Champion For Child Safety” by taking the Take 25 Pledge at
  • Encourage your place of business, worship, and/or local schools to run workshops for parents and children to come together and be educated about child abduction and safety.
  • Check your community for local events that are being hosted, such as the “Safety Night Under The Stars” in San Antonio, Texas, that you can participate in.

One of the most important concerns of any parent is the safety and security of their children. 1-800-Charity Cars hopes that everyone will get involved in spreading awareness about child abduction, reaching out to victims’ families, and/or educating our children on safety. Any effort you make can help to protect a child from abduction or change the lives of a victim’s family by simply offering your support and help.