April Is National Car Care Month

National Car Care Month
Many people tend to put off vehicle repairs and maintenance to save money. They may not realize that postponing repairs and maintenance will cost them much more down the road. April is recognized as National Car Care Month. This is a month for people to place focus on taking better care of their vehicles. The Original 1-800-Charity Cars, a national non-profit car donation charity, would like to offer you the following list of things to do to ensure your vehicle is well-maintained:


Be sure to regularly wash, wax, and detail your vehicle. Many people do not realize that caring for your vehicle also includes keeping it clean inside and out. Washing and waxing can prevent major deterioration of your paint/finish. Scratches and dings can lead to paint chipping and even rust. You can preserve the interior of your vehicle through cleaning and detailing. There are several products that will help prevent the sun from drying out your dash, fading upholstery, and even protect from normal wear and tear.


When you get a tune-up performed on your vehicle, you are making sure that your engine is at it’s best. This will not only give better performance, but it will save on fuel costs by increasing gas mileage.


Check all hoses and belts on your vehicle. Make sure they are not showing any signs of excessive wear such as cracking or fitting loosely.


Check all the fluids in your vehicle. These fluids include: antifreeze, oil, power steering, windshield washer, transmission, and brake fluid. Be sure to replace or replenish any fluid as needed.


Make sure your connection is tight, clean and no signs of corrosion. Many auto repair and auto parts stores will test the health of your battery for free. Replace your battery if necessary.


Inspect the condition of your windshield wipers. If they are worn, replace them. Most auto parts stores will install them for free. Check all lights (inside and outside) on your vehicle. Make sure they are all functioning properly and replace any bulbs or fuses that need to be replaced.


National Car Care Month is a great time to look at the condition of your tires. Make sure you have adequate tread. Look for signs of deterioration such as bulging or balding. Once you have checked the health of your tires (and replaced them, if needed) be sure to check your tire pressure. Look on the inside of the driver’s side door or refer to your owner’s manual for the correct tire pressure for your vehicle.

National Car Care Month reminds us to take care of our vehicles. Doing what you can to take care of your vehicle today will save money on costly repairs in the future. There also many car repairs you can do yourself. You will also be ensuring that you are getting the best performance out of your vehicle. The Original 1-800-Charity Cars, providers of reliable transportation to low income families since 1996, understands that transportation is vital to many and we hope that everyone will make sure that they protect their vehicles and give them the care they need.

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    If you live an area that begins seeing the dreaded spring pollen, car covers are a great way to avoid the coat of yellow especially after washing or cleaning your car.