United Nations International Day Of Charity

international day of charity
Charitable organizations work tirelessly across the world to help improve the lives of those who are disadvantaged and in need of a helping hand. They strive to improve and save lives. In 2012, the United Nations decided to create an annual day of recognition and awareness to honor the amazing efforts made by so many. September 5th is the United Nations International Day Of Charity. This day was chosen as a tribute to the historic humanitarian Mother Teresa, who died on this day in 1997. Mother Teresa spent her life devoting her time and efforts to charity.

The United Nations encourages everyone to take action and spend this day doing any of the following on the International Day of Charity:

  • Volunteer your time to charity
  • Make a donation of money, goods, or services
  • Perform random acts of kindness
  • Spread awareness about your cause/charity
  • Educate people about your cause/charity
  • Organize/Promote a campaign for a cause/charity
  • Use the hashtag #charityday on your social media networks when you share your cause, charity, and good deeds

Charity is often misunderstood or dismissed. Some have the misconception that people in need are looking for a hand out. In reality, what these people need is a helping hand. This little bit of assistance can give someone a fighting chance, help them get back on their feet, and in some cases it may save their life. Many people feel they cannot contribute to a charitable cause because they have very little to give. They may also feel that the cause is too great for them to make a difference. On the International Day of Charity, remember that every effort made, no matter how big or small, will make a difference in the lives that are touched by your benevolence. It can also inspire others around you to make an effort to help those in need.

1-800-Charity Cars, operators of the largest non-profit car donation and distribution program in the United States, would like to encourage everyone to take the International Day of Charity to do what you can to make a difference in the life of someone in need. Take a stand for a cause that you believe in. Don’t let the thought that one person cannot make a difference prevent you from doing what you can.

As Mother Teresa once said: “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

The International Day of Charity is a great day to remember the impact that we can make on those in need. If you would like to start your charitable giving now, you can be a part of changing the life of struggling families in need by making a financial or vehicle donation to 1-800-Charity Cars. We accept all vehicles nationwide, running or not, and provide free towing. All of your donations are tax deductible. You can receive a full “fair market value” vehicle donation tax deduction if we provide your vehicle donation to a family in need. Give one of our live operators available 7 days a week a call today at 1-800-242-7489, or you can fill out the online car donation form. If you do not have a vehicle to donate, you can help by making a monetary donation through Paypal or Justgive at www.800charitycars.org.