In Their Own Words: the Impact a Car Donation Can Make

1-800-Charity Cars, the nation’s leading vehicle donation program, realizes the importance of a donor being able to know what real impact their donation will make to someone in need. Instead of telling you what donating your car can do, we want you to hear directly from our car donation applicants. Learn exactly how their lives will be changed through the generosity of people like you.

When our applicants were asked, “How would your life be changed if you received a Free Charity Car?” These were some of their responses:

Jamie Busbee (halens.soldier)
“I would have a way to finally get my life started!! My mom wouldn’t be supporting 3 people on her Walmart paycheck and we could afford food for the whole month instead of stretching everything so we don’t starve. Me and my twin could start school, get a job, and help my mother with the bills and budget. A car would be life changing and hopefully last a long time!”

Patricia Dunn Boggs (stillkickin)
“I live in the country, and I am 2 hours from most of my doctors and hospital. As a cancer patient, there are many trips I must make, and being without transportation makes it very hard to get there, and the distance makes it hard to get rides. If I got a Free Charity Car I would once again be able to take care of myself, drive to my Doctor appointments, and meet my basic everyday needs.”

Bobbi Baines (bobbibaines)
“There is no public transit to where I live, and I can’t afford cabs. Receiving a free charity car would change my life in so many ways. First, I would be able to get to my many doctor appointments, and the pharmacy. Just being able to get out of this house and going to the library, yard sales, thrift stores and visit friends and family I haven’t seen in such a long time. I wouldn’t have to beg for rides to the grocery store, or pay someone to take me. I would be able just to go get in my vehicle, and go anywhere, anytime I needed or wanted to.”

Lydia Dowers Carson (Venus103)
“My life would be changed by getting a free charity car, by relieving a lot of my stress! I would be able to take my daughter to her college tours. I would be able to get the aqua therapy I need for my severe arthritis. I would have independence and freedom! ”

Alex Nancy Cowens (LadyAlex)
“My mom and I need a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Having such a vehicle would change our lives in so many ways. We could rejoin the world and get out and about and do normal everyday living. We wouldn’t be trapped at home anymore and have to depend on others to get us to where we need to go. We just want to be able to get our medications, groceries and other necessities. Just to be able to rejoin society and to do normal everyday living would mean the world to both of us.”

Janie Wiseman Orantes (Jayne 50)
“By receiving a free charity car, it would help enormously in getting my independence back. My ten year old daughter & I would be able to move back into our home. We’re currently living with my friend, and her husband. They’re helping us, until I get on my feet. My number one goal is to get able to move back in my own home, provide for my daughter, and to be truly independent.”

Connie Couillard (Cowboy4)
“The way my life would be tremendously changed by receiving a free charity car would be that my husband is very sick with cancer, and I have to try and find someone to get him to his appointments. Sometimes I can’t even find someone and it’s important that he get to these appointments. Getting a car would be the greatest thing then I wouldn’t have to worry because I know he could get to his appointments.”

Now you know more about the direct impact a car donation can make in the lives of people in need. You can help improve the lives of others by making a monetary or vehicle donation. If you are ready to make a donation today, just give us a call at 1-800-242-7489. We accept all vehicles nationwide, running or not, with free towing. All donations made to our charity are tax deductible. You can receive a full “fair market value” tax deduction, if we can provide your vehicle donation to a family in need. We have a standard online donation form, PayPal or justGive available on our donation site