How To Get A Free Ride Home After The New Year’s Celebrations

Car Donation CharityWith all the New Year’s celebrations taking place across the nation, the possibility of our roads being covered with impaired drivers is at its greatest. 1-800-Charity Cars, conductors of the nation’s largest car/vehicle donation distribution program, wants to share some tips on how to get a free ride home, so you can get home safely after the parties are over.

Below is a list of resources on how to get a free ride home after celebrating;

Cab Services
Check with your local cab service companies, as some will be offering free rides home on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. There are some cab services that team up with local news stations, churches, or other places to offer these free rides. It varies by location and company, so always check before you head out to make sure that you have one lined up.

Local Police/Sheriff Departments
Many local Police/Sheriff departments are offering free rides home and some have been providing free rides for many years during the Holidays. Check with the Police/Sheriff department local to the area you will be in to see if they are offering free rides or if there are other established methods of how to get a free ride home.

Designated Drivers
If you are going out with a group to celebrate, try to assign one person as the designated driver who will remain sober and give everyone a safe ride home at the end of the festivities. Make it a tradition to trade off designated drivers every time you go out to drink, so that you and your friends don’t have to worry about how to get a free ride home.

AAA has a Holiday Safe Ride Program and while it services many areas, it does not service every area. Be sure to check their site at for detailed information and to see what services are available in your area.

There are many programs available that can help you get home safely. Perform a Google search and check in your area specifically. Also, check the app store on your mobile device, as there are apps that will help you find out how to get a free ride home too! No matter where you spend your New Year’s Eve or how you plan to get home, be sure you are safe and never get behind the wheel or in a car with someone driving under the influence. Keep the roads safe, as well as yourself and others, by knowing how to get a free ride home ahead of time.