Highlighting Those In Need: Heavenly77 From Los Angeles, California

Car Donation Applicant1-800-Charity Cars, a nonprofit car donation charity, operates the www.freecharitycars.org site, where struggling families are able to apply for a free charity car nationwide. Today, we would like to highlight one of our car donation applicants to share with you the people behind the need.

Heavenly77 (username), whose real name is undisclosed due to her domestic violence situation, has been a member of our vehicle distribution site since September 30, 2010, where she has applied for assistance in receiving a vehicle. Here is a summary of her situation that she wanted to share:

“In September of 2010, I joined the Free Charity Cars website because I no longer owned a car due to financial hardships. It was through a mentor from a resource center whom helped me to locate a charity online that was known for donating vehicles to those in need. The mentor and I stumbled across the Free Charity Cars website through our searching for resources to assist me with transportation.

What caught our eye is that the Free Charity Cars website had a foundation built on compassion and hope, and believed in teamwork. Being a single mother raising a special needs child, it takes a team of people working together to make sure the child becomes successful in life. That’s why Free Charity Cars really hit home with me.

My life will change tremendously when I receive a car because it will be easier to go to my autistic child’s necessary medical appointments, as well as my own. It will also serve as an opportunity for me to advocate in a greater capacity for children with special needs and for victims/survivors of domestic violence.”

Donating your car can help change the lives of Heavenly77’s family and other families in similar situations. 1-800-Charity Cars accepts vehicles throughout the entire United States, running or not, and provides free towing. All donations made to 1-800-Charity Cars, including both vehicle and monetary donations, are tax deductible. It is also possible to receive a full “fair market value” car donation tax deduction, if your vehicle is provided to a family in need. You can find more information about tax deductions here. The car donation process is simple! If you are interested in donating your car or making a monetary donation, call 1-800-242-7489 to speak with a live operator. You can also utilize our quick and easy online vehicle donation form.

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    Hello Charity Cars… my sister had truly overcome several obstacles. I truly hope you are able to bless her with a car. She has a son and they really need transportation.