6 Creative Ways To Conquer Summer Boredom

summer boredom

Summer is that magical time of the year when people get excited to be out of school, take family vacations, breaks from work, or other obligations. As the season moves forward, everyone may find themselves running out of money, time, or things to do during their break. This is when boredom begins to sink in.

With summer well underway, and the initial excitement beginning to turn into boredom, 1-800 Charity Cars would like to provide you with the following list of ways to conquer summer boredom. Learn how to beat that humdrum feeling and have some fun in very creative ways!

1. Clear out, clean up, and switch it up

While no one may think that cleaning is fun, especially children during a summer break, it can be! Motivate your kids to clean up their rooms, and clear out the old toys, clothes, shoes, and other belongings they no longer use. Tell them that once the cleaning and clearing out is done that you are going to switch it up!

Switching it up can mean redecorating their rooms, rearranging the furniture, or even rolling on a coat of new paint. Once they see that they are going to have a whole new space it will become a fun idea and they will be enthusiastic about it. You can even sit down and make a plan about how they want the room to be redone before you start. Hang the plan up on their door to remind them of the goal. Adults, you can also do this with your things and rooms throughout the whole house. If you have kids, get them involved with every room in the house. Not only will you kill the boredom, you will end up with a clean and newly decorated home.

2. Take it to the yard

Once you are done with the big clear out, take it to the yard. A yard sale can be a great way to clean up and make a little bit of money for your effort. If you have kids, let them set up a lemonade stand during your yard sale. Have your whole family sit down and decide what will be done with the money you make to benefit everyone who participates. This could mean a trip to the movies, a road trip, or whatever your family decides. If you do not have children, then you get to decide what to do with the money. Treat yourself to a concert, a movie, or any other pass time you enjoy.

3. Open the kitchen

Open up the kitchen and get your family and friends involved in a cooking fest. Everyone works together to cook a meal for you all to enjoy. It can be a gourmet meal, a hot dog/hamburger event, or even just baking cookies or other sweet treats.

4. Take a nature hike

Gather up everyone in your household, give them all brown lunch sacks, and hit your own yard for a nature hike. Everyone collect leaves, rocks, flowers, and then sit down together to research them on the internet to see what you found. Make it a challenge to see who can identify the most of what they collected.

5. Not your typical shopping spree

Get everyone together and give them all a $10 bill. Tell them you are going on a shopping spree and it is a challenge to see who can get the most for their $10 budget. The only catch is that this shopping spree will take place at a local thrift store. You will be curing the boredom, having some fun, and teaching your family the value of budgeting and getting the most for the money you have.

6. Volunteer

You can beat the boredom, and do something good for others in need by volunteering with local charities in your community. Get your whole family involved and make a difference while spending time together.

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