5 Ways To Celebrate Canned Food Month

canned food monthThe Original 1-800-Charity Cars, a nationally recognized donation program would like to acknowledge that February is canned food month. We offer you five ways to celebrate canned food month, while helping yourself, your community and others at the same time:

Clean out Your Pantries

While canned goods are preserved and have long shelf lives, they do have expiration dates. Take some time this month to clean out your pantry and dispose of any expired canned goods. This is also a great way to keep your home clutter-free. Be sure to check with your local food banks before you toss them all out, as some food banks take canned goods up to 6 months past their expiration dates.

Organize Your Canned Goods

Take the time this month to organize all of your canned goods by type and by expiration date, so the cans that will expire the soonest are the ones you use first.

Recycle Your Cans

For the entire month of February, resolve to save your empty cans and at the end of the month take them all to be recycled. Just remember, recyclables should not have food residue, so be sure you rinse out all the cans as you empty them and toss them in your bags or bins.

Hold A Food Drive

Talk to the people at your school, church and/or place of employment about Canned Food Month and ask them to hold a food drive to collect canned goods for people in need within your community.

Donate To Your Local Food Banks

February tends to be the month in which most food banks see a decline in donations. What better way to honor canned food month than by reaching out to your local food banks and donating canned goods to help families in need? You can visit Feeding America’s website and use the food bank locator to find a food bank closest to you.