Charity Cars Past Recipients

Meet Car Donation Recipient Suzanna From New York

New York car donation recipient, Suzanna Pickering applied on our car donation distribution site on January 28, 2010 for a car donation. In October of 2013, thanks to the generous donation of people like you, Suzanna received the call that a car was available for her!

Here is what Suzanna would like to share about her journey with Charity Cars, and her experience with receiving a car donation:

“Life sometimes changes in ways we would rather not have it change. Five years ago I found myself without a car. I was stranded, forced to beg, plead, and pay for rides. Rides to get to medical appointments, meet basic needs just the normal things we all take for granted when we can do it ourselves.

I found Free Charity Cars via a site I belong to -a charity car recipient had posted about the site, and the car their family received. She then sent me the link. I signed up, stated my needs, voted, promoted, and waited. On October 29, 2013 the call finally came from Charity Cars!

I am hearing impaired so I actually missed the call at first, but thank you to caller ID I called Reggie at Charity Cars, and he then told me the good news. A car was finally available for me. I started crying, and thinking can this be real? YES IT WAS REAL!!! Waiting was stressful, frustrating, and very difficult, but it was worth it!

On December 13, 2013 after all the paperwork was done, some dear friends drove to Syracuse to pick up the car for me in the middle of a snowstorm and surprised me! Even more tears of joy on my part. I admit I was scared to drive again after all this time, but I bit the bullet, and off I went, and I have not looked back since!
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Connecticut Car Donation Recipient: Lillian

Connecticut Car Donation Recipient LillianConnecticut car donation recipient, Lillian, is an 81 year old female who has been a Foster Mother for 41 years, and fostered/adopted over 122 children within that time frame. She began fostering children back in 1973 when her oldest son’s friend was put out on the streets by his parents and she took him in. It was at that time she felt her calling in life was to take care of children in need of a loving home. She and her husband contacted the Department Of Children And Family Services and officially became licensed foster parents. 

Sadly, her husband passed away in 1994, and they had adopted 7 of the foster children by that time. Lillian still continued to help children in need, and adopted one more after her husband’s death. She was also a caregiver to her youngest son, whom despite being told he would not live beyond 17 years age, lived to be 30 years old under her care. She was a caregiver to her brother as well, who passed away in March of 2008.

Lillian has spent the majority of her life caring for those in need, and even through such tremendous personal losses still continued to care for and help those in need. She has been such a blessing to so many. So much so that a sibling group she welcomed into her home in 2013 reported to the DCFS that Lillian had changed their lives, and they would forever be grateful to her.

Lillian had been without a car for a few years, and it was a struggle trying to care for everyone without reliable transportation. Residing in a rural area where there was no public transportation made for an even more profound hardship. Her love for taking care of the children, and the difficulties of not being able to do so in the manner she needed to without a car led her to seek help with transportation.
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1-800-Charity Cars Partners with Recycled Car Donation Program

1-800-Charity Cars, national recycled car donation charity, was recently featured on WJBK Fox 2 News in Detroit for its partnership with the National Auto Body Council’s (NABC) Recycled Rides program. Thankful donation recipients are shown receiving the keys and sitting in the driver’s seat of their very own cars at a recent vehicle giveaway. The video clip also describes the process that the recycled car donation program uses to partner with local charity affiliates, auto body shops, mechanics, and others to give people the gift of reliable transportation. You can read about car donation recipient Debra Gregory in the article on WJBK Fox 2 News.

If you have a car that you are looking to get rid of, consider making a recycled car donation to us today and you can help change the lives of struggling families. You can see the impact that your vehicle donation can have on the lives of others, when Estelle sees her very own car for the first time.

1-800-Charity Cars accepts vehicles in any condition nationwide, running or not, with free towing provided. Give us a call at 1-800-CHARITY (1-800-242-7489 x 2) or use our convenient online vehicle donation form. You can also make a monetary donation through JustGive or PayPal.

Past Recipients of Car Donations: Military Veterans

On this Independence Day, we would like to remember the men and women who have served in our armed forces. Today we are sharing the stories of recent recipients of car donations: military veterans. These veterans have honorably served their country and we are so happy to be able to provide them with much needed transportation and the new feeling of independence that owning a car provides. Let us all remember to thank our country’s military veterans on the 4th of July.

Daniel E. – U.S. Air Force Veteran

car donations military veterans

Daniel joined the Air Force to serve his country and make a living. He served as both a Freight Manager and Air Traffic Controller. After serving in the military, he started a second career in HVAC. When the company shut down, he was unable to continue in the industry. Transportation has become a real hardship for him and his family. Daniel has taken on a new challenge and gone back to school for teaching, but his wife has to wait 3 hours after her job at Wendy’s until he can pick her up.

On June 3rd, 2014, Daniel received a 2001 Infiniti QX4 and is very grateful. “A vehicle would be such a blessing to my family. It would be the nicest thing anyone has ever done for us! I can get back on my feet by teaching and give back to those who have helped me.”
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Past Recipient: Robert from Tennessee

car donation recipient - Robert
Robert, a car donation recipient from Tennessee, is a disabled veteran, who served our country valiantly in 1990. He fought in the Gulf War, also known as Desert Storm. Unfortunately, he was involved in the collision of a patriot and scud missile, which created an after shock that blew him back over 60 feet. As a result, Robert sustained many injuries; including breaking his back and neck in 7 different places.

Doctors told Robert he was not expected to walk again. However, after much determination and extensive physical therapy, Robert managed to walk again and lead a functioning life. Still, the injuries he recovered from proved to make his every day life much more difficult. He also did not have a reliable form of transportation, which made caring for himself and his 4 children, ages 6 to 14, a large obstacle.

On May 23rd, 2014; Robert became a car donation recipient when 1-800-Charity Cars was able to provide his family with a 2009 Honda Odyssey. Robert was elated with his gift and the fact that it would allow him to take his children to necessary appointments, grocery shopping, and other important tasks without having to rely on help from family and friends. Robert is thankful for the second chance he has been given and is grateful to all the people involved in making his donation possible.
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Past Recipient: Madeline from Cottonwood, AZ

Car Donation Recipient Madeline 1In March 2012, Madeline Taylor signed up and applied for a charity car with our organization, and in December 2012 she became a car donation recipient.

Here is what she would like to share about her journey and experience with receiving a car donation:

“I joined Free Charity Cars on 3/29/12 at the advice of a friend that I met in a support group for Ménière’s, which is a disease I have. We at the time owned an old Buick, which was barely running. With my illness the only places we ever really went was doctors but my specialist was over 2 hours away and several times the car would not get us there. Appointments had to be cancelled, and I was often times left sick standing on the side of the road. Living on my disability check, and my husbands social security check we could not afford the repairs. We were constantly asking my mother for help to keep it on the road.
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Past Recipient: Milton from IL

Car Donation Recipient Milton 1Milton, from Illinois, is a hardworking Army veteran and dedicated family man. He is a great role model for his 13 grandchildren, one of whom Milton raises and has legal custody of and several others of whom he is a father figure for.

In 2000, Milton’s life was turned upside-down financially and medically, due to an explosion on a construction jobsite where he was working at the time. This incident caused the progressive deterioration of discs in his back, nerve damage, and resulted in high blood pressure. He now uses a walker to get around.

Some years later, in 2007, Milton’s son unfortunately passed away from congestive heart failure. Milton, too, was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in 2009 and now has a pacemaker. Despite all of these family, medical, and financial issues, Milton still manages to keep a positive outlook on life and remain a great influence and role model for his grandchildren.
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Past Recipient: Estelle from Orlando, FL

car donation recipientEstelle suffers from a progressive disease of the lungs called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). This disease makes it very difficult to breathe. Estelle’s COPD causes her to have numerous doctors’ appointments. She collects disability because of her inability to work due to the disease, which leaves her on a tight, fixed income. Her budget made it very hard to save money for a car. When she finally managed to save enough money for a car, she was the victim of a scam. She never received the vehicle that she paid for. Estelle is often reliant on rides from friends and neighbors. She’s forced to use public transportation, but due to her disease, walking to and from the distant bus stops is very difficult.

Car Donation Recipient 2On May 15th, 2014, Estelle became a car donation recipient when she received a call from 1-800-Charity Cars.
“I could hardly talk because I was so happy!” said Estelle, as she recalled her reaction to receiving the call. She was extremely excited when 1-800-Charity Cars CEO and founder, Brian Menzies, took her to see her very own 2006 Hyundai Sonata; “From the city bus, to something nice like this!”

She feels blessed and is very thankful to have the ability to attend her medical appointments and grocery shopping without having to rely on friends or public transportation. “Thank you donor, you just made my day! You don’t know what you’ve done for me!” exclaimed Estelle, as she expressed her gratitude.

You can witness Estelle’s heartwarming reaction to receiving the car in the video below:

Donors help us create moments like this for struggling families through their wonderful generosity. When you donate to 1-800-Charity Cars you are helping to change the lives of the medically needy, veteran families, victims of domestic violence and many more. Car donations, running or not, help our 100% non-profit charity make a difference. Donate to help change a life and receive a deductible receipt you can claim on your taxes. If we can provide your vehicle to a family, you will receive a full fair market value tax deduction. To donate, call 1-800-242-7489, utilize our easy online form, or make monetary donations through JustGive and PayPal at

Past Recipient : Deborah from Gainesville, FL

car donation recipientIn 2008, a registered nurse at the Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, Florida wrote in to us at 1-800-Charity Cars about the touching story of one of the hospital’s patients who she helped care for. The nurse told us the story about a young 19 year old man, whom experienced an unexpected turn of events which completely changed his life and the lives of his family.

The teenage boy was living his life as a normal young adult. He enjoyed playing football in school, however; he suddenly began experiencing pain in his lower leg. This pain, they later found out, was attributed to Osteosarcoma, which is a type of bone cancer.
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Past Recipient : Teresa from Orlando, FL

Car Donation ProgramYour car donations made it possible for 1-800-Charity Cars to provide Teresa and her family, from Orlando, Florida, with a 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis in 2008. At that time, Teresa’s baby girl was just seven months old and had already been through three surgeries, due to serious medical complications.

Her child was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which causes seizures and hydrocephalus (“water on the brain”); a condition which causes her to have an abnormal buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the cavities of her brain. This buildup is often caused by the prevention of proper fluid drainage in the brain. The fluid drainage can raise pressure inside the skull, which leads to compression of surrounding brain tissue, gradual enlargement of the head, convulsions and brain damage.
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