Highlighting Those In Need: Bonnie From Pennsylvania

car donation applicant
1-800-Charity Cars, a nonprofit car donation charity, operates the www.freecharitycars.org site, where struggling families are able to apply for a free charity car nationwide. Today, we would like to highlight one of our car donation applicants to share with you the people behind the need.

Bonnie Hermann has been a member of our vehicle distribution site since July 22, 2013, where she has applied for assistance in receiving a vehicle. Here is a summary of her situation that she wanted to share:

“Hello, I am Bonnie, 49 years old and I reside in Pennsylvania. I have been on my own since I was 17 years old, and have worked hard my whole life. I am still working hard holding down two jobs since I was laid off from my previous employer in March of 2013. I have three wonderful children and while there have been many difficult circumstances we have had to endure, we still find our blessings in many other ways.

My daughter and I have both survived physical and mental abuse and we are stronger through it all. I will not let my ex-husband ruin how hard I have worked to get back on my feet despite the slight brain damage I have suffered from him slamming the trunk on my head. I am not a quitter and my children are also not victims anymore, we are survivors.

Unfortunately, I was in a car accident and totaled my car and which left me with no reliable transportation. Not having a car makes it hard to get to and from work, get my daughter to and from school. I also take care of my mother, my sister and her children. With so many responsibilities and people to care for I need to have reliable transportation in order to be able to do so.

My only source of transportation has been to borrow my stepdaughter’s vehicle until she comes home from college. I signed up with Charity Cars in hopes of being blessed with a vehicle from some generous donor out there before I am completely without any mode of transportation at all when my stepdaughter reclaims her vehicle when she returns from college.”

You can read more about Bonnie and her need for reliable transportation by visiting her profile:

Your vehicle donation can change the lives of Bonnie’s family and others like her. 1-800-Charity Cars accepts vehicles nationwide, running or not, and will provide free towing. Donations to 1-800-Charity Cars, including both vehicle and monetary donations, are tax deductible. You can receive a full “fair market value” tax deduction for a donated vehicle, if the vehicle is provided to a family. Read this Tax Deduction Notice for more information. If you are interested in making a used vehicle donation or a monetary donation, simply call 1-800-242-7489 to speak to one of our live operators. You can also donate by filling out our online vehicle donation form. If you are unable to donate a vehicle, you can still help change lives by making a monetary donation through paypal or justgive at www.800charitycars.org.