8 Bicycle Safety Tips

bicycle safety tips

Image courtesy of arztsamui / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It seems that many people believe wearing a helmet is all that encompasses bicycle safety. Wearing a helmet is vital to protect oneself while riding a bike in the event of an accident, but it is not the only thing a cyclist should do. Traveling safely among motor vehicle traffic and doing everything you can to avoid any possible collisions with vehicles should also be a primary focus.

Today 1-800-Charity Cars provides the following list of eight bicycle safety tips to get you to your destination safely:

  1. Use sidewalks or bike lanes when available.
  2. Avoid busy streets when possible.
  3. If you are a nighttime rider, be sure that your bike has lights/reflectors and a headlight.
  4. If your bike is your primary mode of transportation and you are often in high traffic, make sure you have signals and a horn for safety.
  5. Always make eye contact with drivers at any stops. Make your next move known and signal/gesture if you are going straight, left, or right.
  6. Keep headphones/bluetooth devices out of your ears while cycling so you can hear and not be distracted.
  7. Always ride in the same direction as the traffic flow and never ride against traffic.
  8. Never stop beside a car. Always stop behind them to avoid being in their blind spot.

1-800-Charity Cars, providers of free donated vehicles to struggling families in need, encourages all cyclists to read over these tips and put them into practice. Adding these tips consistently into your cycling habits could very well help you to avoid a tragic and preventable bicycle accident. Remember that your safety is also somewhat dependent on the attentiveness of those around you. Safe driving habits are another crucial factor for the safety of both bicyclists and motor vehicle drivers.