5 Ways To Prevent Texting While Driving

prevent texting while drivingThe age of technology in which we live in has made for much advancement in the area of mobile devices. Along with those advancements come dangerous habits that have led to tragic outcomes. While there are many things that can cause a driver distraction, one of the most significant factors is texting while driving. Texting while driving is by far one the worst distractions. Texting while driving takes your attention away from the road more often and for longer periods of time, as it is visually, cognitively, and manually distracting all at the same time.

Within the time a driver takes their eyes off the road to compose, read or send a text message; lives can be senselessly lost. People can suffer very traumatic injuries and/or cause significant vehicle and property damage as a result. According to the CDC, every day in the USA, nine or more people are killed and over 1,060 get injured in accidents that have been reported to be the result of distracted drivers.

1-800-Charity Cars, a nationally recognized car donation charity and distribution program helping those in need, would like to provide the following suggestions to prevent texting while driving:

  1. If your cell phone has a driving mode setting, you should enable it every time you are behind the wheel. Incoming text messages will be answered with an automatic message stating that you are driving and will contact them later. All phone calls will be sent straight to your voice mail to be answered later. This is a very useful tool to prevent texting while driving.
  2. Keep your cell phone in your purse, the back seat, the glove compartment or your pocket. If your phone is not easily accessible, then you will be less likely to engage in texting while driving.
  3. Set strict clear rules for your teen drivers. Make sure they understand that when they are behind the wheel they should be OFF the phone. There are also apps, such as Canary, that parents can use to monitor their teen’s behavior while driving.
  4. Take a text free driving pledge, which is offered by most cell phone companies or various sites across the internet, such as itcanwait.com and vow to prevent texting while driving. Encourage your teen drivers, friends, family and co-workers to join you in taking a text free driving pledge.
  5. The most important thing you can do to prevent texting while driving is lead by example! Never let your younger children, teen drivers, friends, family or any passenger in your car witness you texting and driving. Always set the example by staying focused on the road and not on your cell phone.

Join us and take the pledge today to prevent texting while driving! Making this small change to your daily commute will save the lives of many. For more tips on driving safely, check out our 5 Safe Driving Tips article.