5 Ways to Celebrate National Parents’ Day

national parents' day

In 1994, former President Bill Clinton declared the fourth Sunday of July as National Parents’ Day. This day, unlike Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, which are centered on gift giving, is a day to honor parents for their commitment, hard work, and dedication to raising their children. It is also about parents celebrating their entire family unit by showing mutual love and appreciation through spending time together.

1-800-Charity Cars, operators of the largest free non-profit car donation and distribution program in the nation, compiled the following list of five ways to celebrate Parents’ Day:

  1. Plan a family breakfast or dinner and have everyone prepare the meal together.
  2. Take time on this day to sit and reflect on your family. Discuss what makes your family special, and what each person feels is the best thing about your family.
  3. Make a “New Memory Plan” for the next year. In this plan, everyone agrees to make new family memories by creating a family “bucket list”. Then, spend the next year doing items on the family bucket list together as a family. Document your adventures by taking photos or videos and share them the following year on parents’ day.
  4. Show appreciation by having each family member write down what they appreciate about each other and then share them with everyone.
  5. Pull out the baby books, scrapbooks, old home movies, and relive your families most cherished moments.

To all the children, no matter what you do on this very special day, be sure to show your parents how much you appreciate their efforts in caring and raising you. To all the parents, be sure you take this day to let your kids know how much you love and cherish them individually and as a family unit.

The Original 1-800-Charity Cars understands the importance of family, and what a positive impact responsible, committed parents have on their children. We applaud all the parents who work hard and are investing in their children’s future. If you are looking for more ways to spend quality time with your loved ones this summer check out these creative and low cost family fun ideas.