5 Fun And Easy Holiday Games To Entertain Guests

easy holiday games
1-800-Charity Cars, conductors of 800charitycars.org and freecharitycars.org, realize that along with the holiday season comes the stress of worrying about entertaining your guests! Now that the holidays are right upon us, and everyone is planning their festivities with family/friends/co-workers, we would like to share some fun and easy holiday games that you can incorporate into your get-together to make sure your guests are having a good time.

  1. MUSICAL GIFT EXCHANGE- Have a few small gifts wrapped in several layers of giftwrap. Have your guests sit down in a circle, and begin playing a holiday song. The guests will pass the gift to the person beside them and continue to do so until you stop the song. Once the song has stopped the person holding the gift gets to unwrap the first layer of giftwrap. You continue to do this until the gift ends up with one lucky guest who unwraps the last layer of giftwrap, and gets to keep the gift! Repeat the process eliminating those who won gifts, until every guest has a gift, or until you run out of gifts.
  2. NAME THE HOLIDAY TUNE GAME- Very fun, free online printable game you can get here. In this game, holiday songs are described with very unique clues and your guests have to figure out the actual holiday song that is being described. It includes the answer key, so the answers will be there in case you’re stumped! I suggest printing them on card stock to make them sturdier and reusable for more holidays to come.
  3. BALLOON POP GAME- Get some red and green latex balloons. Divide your guests into teams and attach one inflated balloon with string to both ankles of each guest in the color of the team they are on. Once everyone has their balloons attached, begin playing a holiday song and instruct everyone that they must pop the opposing teams balloons with their feet. The first team that has all of their balloons popped loses.
  4. TOSSING CARDS GAME- Giftwrap a medium sized box or laundry basket, and get a deck of cards. Have your guests line up about 5 feet from it, giving each guest 5 cards to try and throw into the basket/box. The person who gets the most cards into the basket/box after everyone gets a turn wins the game. The fun part of this game is playing cards are very hard to control when you throw them and you never know where they will go!
  5. OLD HOLIDAY CARD MIX N MATCH GAME- A great way to do something with all those holiday cards from years past (or you can just purchase some low cost cards at your local dollar store to use) is to get your guests to mingle and interact! Take all of your old holiday cards and cut them in half or fourths as you see fit. Place all of them in a basket. As your guests arrive, give everyone a piece of a holiday card and instruct them to hold onto it until all guests have arrived. Once everyone has arrived, instruct your guests that they need to find the other piece (or pieces) of the cards they were given at arrival by matching them with the other guests’ card pieces. Whoever recreates the whole card first wins. This will lead all your guests to interacting with one another and having some fun to boot!

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