4 Reasons to Donate Your Car to Charity

Donate Your Car to Charity
Do you have a car that you’re thinking of trading in or possibly putting up for sale? Maybe you’ve already gotten a new car and have an old one sitting unused. Do you have a car that no longer runs and you are thinking of having it towed away?

The Original 1-800-Charity Cars, a national non-profit car donation charity, would like to offer you a list of reasons to donate your car to charity:

No Cost to You

If you elect to sell or have your car hauled off, you can incur costs such as: advertising fees for classified ads, cleaning and repairs to increase value, and towing fees. Donating your car to charity is free. If you choose to donate your car, you can get free pickup and towing with no need to make repairs because many charities accept all types of vehicles, running or not.


It is easy and convenient to donate your car to charity. The car donation process involves no hassles, such as: meeting with people to view your car, allowing test drives, placing and answering ads, or giving strangers your personal information. You simply contact the charity of your choice and they take care of the rest.

Get a Tax Deduction

When you donate your car to charity, you can get a tax deduction of a minimum of $500. If the car you donate is given to a person in need, you can receive the full fair market value tax deduction.

Help Someone in Need

If you donate your car to charity, the ultimate reward is that your charitable gift will be helping families in need. Making a vehicle donation to others is a tremendous act of generosity. You will feel a sense of pride and fulfillment for giving the recipients a helping hand.

To learn more about preparing to donate your car, see this article on Planning Charitable Giving. If you’re ready to take the step today to donate a vehicle, 1-800-Charity Cars has live operators available to assist you. Contact us at 1-800-242-7489 and schedule a pick up of your vehicle. We also have a convenient online donation form, free towing nationwide, and we take all vehicles, running or not. If you do not have a vehicle to donate, you can still help change the lives of struggling families by making a monetary donation; just visit www.800charitycars.org and make a donation through paypal or justgive.

  • Mike

    Getting a tax deduction is a great reason why people donate their car, but we have some responsibilities also towards our environment. A dead and inoperable car can cause a lot of harm to the environment so better and smart decision is to donate the car to a scrap car recycling company for the help of those people who need help, the amount you will get for your dead car can be used for the help of those people who need your help and support.

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