10 Things You Can Recycle For Charity

things you can recycle for charityAs providers of free donated vehicles to struggling families, 1-800-Charity Cars has witnessed firsthand how the act of one person recycling an item they no longer need and giving it to someone else to reuse is a life changing benefit for the recipient. We see this all the time, when a person donates their car and we refurbish it and gift it to a struggling family.

According to the American Environmental Protection Agency, recycling and composting, diverted 85 million tons of materials away from disposal in 2011. While this is a quite impressive number, it was only 34.7% of the 250 million tons of waste generated in America in 2011.

There are many key benefits to recycling, such as; saving energy, pollution prevention, conserving resources and preserving the environment for our future generations. Through the act of recycling, what would otherwise be considered waste instead becomes valuable resources with financial, societal and environmental beneficial returns.

We would like to encourage you to take time to recycle anything you can, by offering you the following list of things you can recycle and resources you can give them to, so they can be reused or recycled and serve a purpose.

Old Sports Equipment
If you have old sports equipment lying around collecting dust, you can easily donate it to a local charity:

  • Many charities can actually schedule a free pick up at your place of residence to take your old sports equipment, sell it and use the funds to support their charitable programs and services.
  • You can also take your old equipment to your local Play It Again Sports outlet, where you can trade it in towards some new equipment or sell it, so someone else can purchase it later, after it has been refurbished.

Old Cell Phones
Do you have old cell phones lying around? Well, there are many ways to dispose of them and give back at the same time:

  • You can give them to soldiers at Cell Phones for Soldiers
  • You can also help domestic violence victims by giving your old cell phones to the NCADV or Shelter Alliance
  • Help chronically ill children go to camp by giving your old cell phone to the Victory Junction Gang. Just mail your phone to them with this label
  • You can check out the American Cell Phone Drive and enter your zip code to find a collection box near you

Motor Oil
Do you change your own oil? Did you know you can recycle that oil? It can be refined and used as a base stock for lubricating oil:

Used Cardboard Boxes
If you have old cardboard boxes lying around, you can get them off your hands and keep them out of landfills too:

  • Place an ad on Craigslist and someone in need of boxes to move or clean out their garage will gladly take them off your hands and reuse them.
  • Make a post about the boxes you have on FreeCycle and someone will take them off your hands and put them to good use.
  • You can also get rid of those boxes by visiting http://www.usedcardboardboxes.com

Ladies, if you need to get rid of your piles of old bras, you can recycle those too:

  • The Bra Recyclers take new or gently used bras and recycle them through their Bosom Buddies Bra Recycling program and distribute them to females in shelters and transitional programs around the world.

Don’t know what to do with your damaged pantyhose? Don’t toss them out! You can recycle them:

  • The NoNonsense Company will recycle old pantyhose. They grind them down and turn them into carpet, toys, playground equipment and park benches!

Old CDs and DVDs
Now that most of us use digital devices to store and play our music and movies, you may have many CDs and DVDs lying around your house. Don’t toss them out. Recycle them:

  • Visit the CD Recycling Center of America; they will shred the CDs and DVDs into fine powder, melt it down and use it for plastic in vehicle and building materials.

If you wear glasses and get a new pair every 6 months to a year, you probably have a drawer or box somewhere full of old glasses that you can recycle and give to someone less fortunate:

  • Visit The Lions Club and find out where you can drop off those old eyeglasses.

Packing Peanuts
Have some old shipping peanuts lying around? These can be recycled too:

The American Environmental Protection Agency reported that the act of recycling metal requires 74 percent less energy than producing new metal, which means recycling all those old junk cars across the nation can mean massive energy conservation:

  • 1-800 Charity Cars accepts all kinds of vehicles, running or not, and we provide free towing across the entire United States. You will also receive a tax deduction for your donation. If you have an old junk car or a great used vehicle that you want to dispose of, give us a call today at 1-800-242-7489 and speak to one of our live operators available 7 days a week or you can fill out our convenient online donation form. If we are able to provide your vehicle donation to a needy family, you will receive the Full “Fair Market Value” Vehicle Tax Deduction for your donation. You can also learn about individualcar parts that can be recycled.